The Portuguese have created Chrome extensions that steal data from Facebook users

Portugueses criam extensões para browser que rouba dados de utilizadores do Facebook

Two Portuguese developers have been sued by the owner of the world’s largest social networking site for stealing data from Facebook users and creating extensions for Chrome.

Extensions are associated with Ong and Stuff.

Portuguese following Facebook lawsuit

Facebook today filed a lawsuit in Portugal against two Portuguese for creating browser extensions that steal data from users of social networking sites.

As can be read in Release, Facebook Inc. and Facebook Ireland have filed a lawsuit in Portugal against two individuals for stealing user profiles and other data from the Facebook website, in violation of their terms of service and Portuguese database security law.

Programmers created browser extensions and made them available in the Chrome Store, through the "Onk and Stuff" company based in Coimbatore.

The Portuguese have created Chrome extensions that steal data from Facebook users

Therefore, they tricked people into installing extensions with a privacy policy that claimed they did not collect any personal information.

Theft of personal data via Chrome extensions

Its four extensions - Instagram Plus TM, Blue Messenger, Emoji Keyboard and Green Messenger - contained malicious and hidden code that acted as spyware.

When people install these extensions on their browsers, they install a hidden code designed to collect personal data associated with Facebook. In addition, the extensions also collected information from users' browsers, in this case, not related to Facebook.

According to Facebook, information such as name, user ID, gender, relationship status, age group were collected.

The social network also presents that the purpose of this process is to force the company to delete all data collected.

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