The railroad in China was blocked for 20 hours due to the end of Adobe Flash

The railroad in China was blocked for 20 hours due to the end of Adobe Flash

As already here News, Flash results have long been sought after by users and website developers alike. Although it was a very effective technology for some years, now it has become obsolete. In this way, Adobe decided to officially end the flash death on January 21, 2021.

However, something unusual happened in China, where the Adobe Flash decision blocked a railroad for 20 hours. The reason is that the line works based on this software, which is implemented in a plagiarized version!

Adobe Flash is a software that we have long been accustomed to living in the world of technology. Most online games and many websites, for example, need support from this system.

However, various complaints and objections due to the project dictated the end of the project. So, after 25 years of serving users, Adobe decided to shut down Flash altogether. The project is now due to end on January 12, 2021.

Flash end blocks a railroad in China

Although Flash is more associated with mini-games and online animations, the program has been used for many purposes. For example, it also supported automation projects and was used for industrial purposes.

As a result, a railway line in China was completely blocked for 20 hours after the flash ended. The reason is that the whole system, such as the control network responsible for transporting people and controlling luggage, was managed by Adobe Software.

Dalian Station, China (Via)

The extraordinary incident took place in Dalian, south of Liaoning, and forced the authorities to find a way to solve the problem.

The railroad used a plagiarized version of Adobe Flash

The story is even more absurd after it was discovered that a plagiarized copy of Adobe Flash was used on the railroad tracks. That is, after the death of the project, it was found to implement the rail system.

Translation of the Conversation on the Adobe Flash Issue on the Dalian Station (Via)

Instead of upgrading to current systems that receive updates, Dalian Station chose to re-enable their computers using the illegal version of Flash. This practice allowed the continuation of the administration of trains ... until it was stopped.

In early 2017, Adobe had already announced that Flash would be discontinued, so the Dalian station had more than enough time to prepare and modernize its settings.

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