The released Nigerian school students return home a week after being abducted

The released Nigerian school students return home a week after being abducted

Katsina, Nigeria – dozens Abducted school boys Security forces in northwestern Nigeria returned home on Friday, a day after they were rescued.

Television pictures showed the boys, many of whom were wearing light green uniforms and holding blankets, arriving on buses, tired, but fine.

Gunmen raided a children’s high school in Kangra, Katsina, on Friday last week and marched 350 of them into the vast Ruku forest. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

None of the boys spoke as they walked from the bus to the army in a single file, into a government building surrounded by soldiers. A group of their parents were waiting to reunite with them in another part of town.

“I could not believe what I heard until the neighbors told me it was true,” said 16-year-old Hamza Nasir’s mother, Hafsat Fundua, in a previous phone interview.

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Describing the moment he heard the news, he said he happily ran out of his house “not knowing where to go” before returning home to pray.

Another parent, Husseini Ahmed, 14-year-old Mohammed Husseini, was one of the abductees, who expressed joy and relief that he would soon be reunited with his son.

“We look forward to their return happily and eagerly,” he said.

Hours before the rescue of the boys was announced, a video of Islamist militants was circulated online. Boko Haram With some boys. Reuters could not immediately confirm the authenticity of the footage or who posted it.

Mass kidnapping has put pressure on the government to deal with militants in the north of the country, especially President Muhammadu Buhari and Boko Haram, who have repeatedly said they were “technically defeated” by the party.

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