The Rolls-Royce Ghost was very quiet inside where the engineer had to make the sound louder.

See the new Rolls-Royce Ghost

In preparation for the development of the new Ghost, Rolls-Royce found that customers who typically purchase this model no longer want an eye-catching symbol of abundance.

In a letter to customers and the media, Torsten Müller-Ötvös, CEO of Rolls-Royce, said in a letter to customers and media, “We have found that these customers have a distinct trend toward luxury goods that celebrate shrinkage and restrictions.

Rolls-Royce designers called this new idea “post wealth.” It may seem like a problem for Rolls-Royce. Its car is, after all, a very rich and colorful sign of wealth.

At over 17 feet in length and over $300,000, Ghosts are still huge and expensive compared to the general standard. However, it fits better on the road than Rolls-Royce’s big, colorful Phantom sedan.

With the new Ghost, designers and engineers A cleaner exterior and a simple interior with less distraction Such as embroidery, quilting stitch or logo. On the outside and on the inside, Ghost exhibits some sort of simplicity usually associated with Scandinavian design and companies like Volvo in Sweden.

There is still a bit of flash though. The grill lights up gently at night. Inside, a part of the dashboard in front of the passengers shines as a “star”. The glowing word ghost surrounds you. When the effect is turned off, the panel simply looks black. This effect mimics Rolls-Royce’s famous “starlight” headliner, sparkling even with scattered light spots.

On the outside, the bodies are welded to each other, except when there is a door or other hole, so it looks like they are made of one metal. Inside, extra-large leather seats (carefully inspected for imperfections) are used to minimize stitching.

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Sound of silence

Designers and engineers wanted the new Ghost to be a comfortable and quiet space. However, the Rolls-Royce engineers realized at first that they made the car too quiet inside. Residents, according to the British, found that almost complete silence was disorienting. This is because the lack of sound did not match the movement of the car.

Sound engineers put 220 pounds of soundproofing material into the car, including interior panes and tires. They also investigated things like windshield wipers and vents, removing even small noises that were consciously unrecognizable.

The result was a strange, unnatural, almost complete silence. This made other noises more pronounced, such as the breath of others or sticking pants to the leather seat.

All I needed was a comfortable background sound. So acoustic engineers “harmonize” the various sounds of the car and combine them into a series of soft whispers. For example, since the seat frame naturally resonated with the car body, we added dampers to adjust the level of that sound without completely removing the sound. Also, vents have been added to the trunk so that some of the thumping bass notes generated there are pulled out and not completely removed.

Behind a thin steering wheel

According to Rolls-Royce, Ghost reported that car owners prefer to drive themselves rather than drive. Rolls-Royce cars offer There is no sport mode button, for example. Driving is very enjoyable, providing convenience and control. The Rolls-Royce steering wheel, for example, has a narrow rim that induces a gentle finger touch rather than a tight grip.

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According to the automaker, Ghost should provide the best of that kind of experience. The turbocharged V12 engine is mounted behind the front wheels, helping to maintain a perfect 50/50 weight balance on the front and rear wheels. Ghost also features four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. (If the front wheel turns, the rear wheel turns slightly.)

Rolls-Royce is a subsidiary of BMW, Germany, but the latest generation of Rolls-Royce models, including this one, are built on the basis of the brand’s own basic engineering design. Ghost’s aluminum framework version is shared by the new Phantom and Cullinan SUVs.

Ghost has a tapered taillight than previous models.

In Ghost, the camera monitors the road ahead, looking for surface changes and imperfections so the suspension can respond. The car’s automatic transmission uses GPS and map data to pre-select the right gear for oncoming hills and curves.

In addition, Ghost has a door that allows you to open and close the power by pressing a button inside or outside the vehicle. Previously, the door could only be closed this way, at least that helped, as Rolls-Royce’s trademark rear hinged backdoor is elegant, yet it can be awkward to close from the inside. Even with the door closed manually, the operation still works smoothly through power.

Of course, Ghost also has other features that are common in modern luxury cars, such as radar-based cruise control and camera view, allowing the driver to see the car as above.

The price of the new Ghost is expected to be close to the current model starting at around $300,000. Generally Go up About $400,000 as an option. The first new Ghost will start reaching customers later this year and early next year.

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