The Royal Caribbean ship of Singapore returned after checking passengers for the Covit-19

The Royal Caribbean ship of Singapore returned after checking passengers for the Covit-19
(CNN) – The Royal Caribbean cruise ship has returned to port in Singapore Govit-19.
Quantum of the Seas ship three nights, four days “The ship is nowhere to be found“Travel around Singapore. This trip was part of a larger plan to revive domestic travel in Singapore amid the corona virus epidemic.

The Royal Caribbean CNN reported that a passenger on board was tested positive for the virus after being tested with a member of the ship’s medical staff.

After a confirmed positive test, Quantum of the Seas reported the news to Singapore authorities and returned to port. Guests will not be allowed to disembark until full contact tracking measures have been taken.

“We have worked closely with the government to develop a complete system that monitors and monitors all guests and crews and follows public health practices,” a Royal Caribbean representative said. “Being able to quickly identify this single case and take immediate action is an indication that the system is operating as designed.”

Annie Chang, Travel Director, Singapore Tourism Board Told The Straits Times All of the close contacts of the infected passengers tested negative for the corona virus, but would be isolated as a precautionary measure.

“The well-being and safety of our local community, as well as passengers and staff, is a priority. All passengers are subjected to mandatory Govt-19 testing before boarding, and strict hygiene and safety measures are implemented throughout their passenger journey,” he added.

This ship is 50% efficient. All passengers had to show proof of a negative Govt-19 test. Only Singaporean citizens were allowed to purchase travel tickets, and group members from around the world were isolated in the city-state for 14 days.

As an additional health measure, fresh air is constantly circulated throughout the ship, the Royal Caribbean said.

Quantum of the oceans Launched in 2015 For most fans. Features on board include bumper cars, a bionic bar with an iPod order, a skydiving simulator and 19 restaurants with a “Alice in Wonderland” theme. The construction and decoration will cost $ 1 billion.
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