The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 leak indicates better battery life

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 leak indicates better battery life

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook 2 seems to be improving the battery life and price of its predecessors (via it) according to leaked Samsung slides. 9to5Google). The The previous Galaxy Chromebook It is an attractively designed 2-in-1, however it stumbled upon due to its battery life and high $ 999 price tag. If you trust these slides, you might be optimistic about some Chromebooks next year.

The most important change is battery life. Sliders leaked shared Walking Gate Say that Samsung is aiming for more than 12 hours of battery life in this new model. This is much higher than the 4 hours and 20 minutes (and 8 hours that Samsung promised) that we noticed in our review of this year’s model.

Samsung’s slides also indicate that the Galaxy Chromebook 2 will be the first Chromebook with a QLED or Quantum Dot LED screen. The company’s previous Chromebook used 4K AMOLED, which appeared to affect the battery life of the device. Switching to QLED is compatible with the change made by Samsung Its non-Chrome OS laptops in 2020.

The older Galaxy Chromebook relied on the Intel 10-Gen Core i5, which was more than capable of handling the tasks that Samsung imagined customers would use on the device, but this new Galaxy Chromebook 2 switches to the 10-Gen Core i3. It does not have to be one step down for browser based work on Chrome OS, but it’s interesting to consider Availability of 11-Gen Intel processors in 2021.

All of these changes may have had a share in the price of 99 699 (entry level), which is the final significant note from the Walking Gate leak. The original Galaxy Chromebook was “premium” for professionals and less From the renders we saw, The Galaxy Chromebook 2 maintains that sleek design.

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The cheap price of the Galaxy Chromebook 2 puts it closer to real high-end Chromebooks than the perfect laptops from Apple and others. Switching to another processor and relying on a display that is already a source for its other laptops can help improve sales, especially when combined with a lower price point.

We’ll have to wait until the February 2021 release date comes out of the slide to confirm. But CES 2021 is in the right corner, with some clarity likely on Samsung’s Chromebook roadmap for next year and beyond.

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