The Scout Movement has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

The Scout Movement has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

The Global Organization of Scouting (OMME) and the World Association of Guides and Women Scouts (WAGGGS) have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 for their global contribution to peace and dialogue.

The nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize was nominated by Solveg Shides, a former chief commissioner of Norwegian Guides and Scouts and a current member of the Norwegian Freedom Party.

“The scout movement aims to provide young people with the tools they need to solve future challenges, while at the same time creating a strong civil society. This mission is essential to world peace. Argues.

For Ivo Faria, national chairman of the National Scout Group (CNE), the appointment was “worthy of many years”.

“It’s very important, it expresses the recognition of a path taken, and we think it’s more reasonable recognition for works over a century in support of young people and society, rather than perhaps winning or not winning the Nobel Prize. Renaissance Ivo Faria.

The national leader of the Portuguese Catholic Scouts recalled, “Millions and millions of scouts and volunteers are scattered around the world, helping children and young people to live with and build each other and their communities for generations. Better, happier communities ”.

Silence has been promoting this value for 120 years “when it is not on the agenda of any politician or ideologue,” insisting that “the touch is to promote peace.”

The simple nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021, in Iowa Faria’s view, brings the scout movement “a great responsibility in the sense of reaching a large number of children and young people.”

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“The Scout is in every country in the world, it transcends religions, ways of being, political regimes, it transcends everything we can imagine, it makes many boys and girls brothers to each other. The National Director of Scouts points out.

More than 50 million Scouts worldwide

Since the founding of Robert Baden-Powell in 1907, scout movements around the world have taught young people the values ​​of respect and duty to others.

These movements encourage young people to train themselves with qualities such as leadership and skills such as peace and mutual understanding so that they can be in the service of their communities.

Over the past 10 years, World Scout Ambassadors for Peace have been able to carry out more than 16 million local projects and actions nationally, regionally and globally.

Scouting is a global brotherhood that “does not see differences with scouts on all continents and in all religions”.

The Scout Movement is present in some 200 countries and territories and has about 50 million members worldwide, coordinated by the World Organization of Scout Movements (OMME or WOSM, in English).

This dimension allows the existence of international activities and allows young people and cultures from all over the world to know where “the unique magic of being united with this fraternity and millions of people is likely to feel. People with the same ideals.”

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