The Seahawks found a balance in the offense and closed Murray in a victory over the Cardinals

The Seahawks found a balance in the offense and closed Murray in a victory over the Cardinals

As with every team, title chases often depend on the quarterback game. In five weeks, no one has played better than Wilson, and he is widely regarded as the frontrunner for his first MVP award. However, ball defense, which has been a significant part of his game for many years, became an issue last month, throwing him a total of 10 interceptions in three losses. Turnover was such an issue that Wilson was forced to remind reporters publicly that he was a “great” player. There was not always a doubt, but if he felt the need to say so, he could see as a sign that the noise was advancing beyond the gates of the mind which he most eagerly guarded.

But the questions for Wilson went beyond pay. There was also the issue of bad decision-making, i.e. throwing the football and running. Against the Rams last Sunday, he was given the chance to make a difference with his legs, instead trying to make the most difficult game with his hand, but failed. That was not an issue on Thursday. Wilson was efficient and ready. He took what was given to him as land or airplane, crossed 28 of 197 yards and finished two touchdowns without interruption. He rushed 42 yards in 10 carries.

Wilson didn’t have to carry the load because the Seahawks got contributions from their ground game and Hyde missed three games with thigh problems. Chris Carson, who has been sidelined with an injury, is expected to return early next week, hoping to make the offense more consistent and therefore more dangerous. Thursday’s run game completed 165 yards in 31 carries, with each of the four ball-carriers having a speed of at least 10 yards or more.

“Before the week, I imagined having a good game and playing a clean game – not trying to do anything normally, just running the ball and defending the flavor,” Hyde said of the week. He will speak (in the lecturer) after the game. “

Dunlap was also brought in as a postcom lecturer to continue to impose his will on the field. He had 82.5 business sacks with the Bengals, but raised one before being traded. He has had 3.5 since then and the anemic pass has brought energy to the emergency; Seattle have 13 excuses in three games with him, one more than they were in its first seven games. Oct. Thursday night was a different story though. Seattle had three sacks and seven QB wins.

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