The Seahawks leaked Antonio Brown’s interest and may not have to sign him.

The Seahawks leaked Antonio Brown's interest and may not have to sign him.

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In a quick and given aftermath Director Bruce Arians’s past words, A contract with a free agent recipient with a surprising decision of the pirates Antonio BrownThe question has been raised about the Seahawks’ potential motives, who spoke frankly about their interest in Brown.

As described here, They did it by accident or on purpose. And it is true. However, there are reasons why you can deliberately talk about your interest in Brown. Other than forming another rival team to take him and potentially derail the franchise from the inside.

Part of the league circle wonders if coach Pete Carroll has repeatedly confirmed interest in Brown, hoping that someone else simply wants the Seahawks to sign Brown so they don’t have to. quarterback Russell Wilson With words shining like this It seemed obvious to Brown that Wilson wanted him for the team. Carroll and GM John Schneider may not have wanted to take the risk of adding Brown to the roster, but they may not have wanted to tell the MVP candidate that they would not sign a quarterback.

Informing them of their interest, the Seahawks essentially cried out, “Speak now or keep your peace forever,” and waited for Brown to speak before anyone else could. Then it worked.

A source with other teams about the Seahawks predicted, “Now watch them sign someone else or deal for someone.”

That makes sense. Some will say exactly that’s what the crows did. Dez Bryant Tracking When Brown’s name was circulated instead of Brown, considering Baltimore’s MVP quarterback and Brown’s cousin, the first-round receiver Informed it they Want to see him On the list.

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