The Secretary of Education resigned due to the Capitol invasion

The Secretary of Education resigned due to the Capitol invasion

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy Divos resigned on Thursday, the second case against Donald Trump’s executive, following the Capitol incidents by supporters of the outgoing president.

“It is undeniable that his rhetoric had an impact on the situation, it was a turning point for me,” Divos wrote in a letter to Donald Trump quoted by several American media outlets, according to the French news agency. -Press (AFP).

Controversial multi-millionaire Trump has been in office since the beginning of his term.

A few hours earlier, Transport Secretary Elaine Chao had already announced her resignation, prompting an invasion of the US Congress on Wednesday that left four people dead and dozens injured.

“Our country has gone through a traumatic event, completely avoidable … Senate.

Supporters of outgoing US President Donald Trump attacked the Capitol in Washington on Wednesday as members of Congress gathered to formalize victory in the election of President-elect Joe Biden. November.

Five people, including a policeman, were killed in the building raid.

Congress will acknowledge Joe Biden’s victory on Thursday, in the final stages, before taking office on January 20.

The use of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove Donald Trump from the White House, who has been accused of inciting supporters of the Capitol invasion, is being defended by many voices in the United States, namely Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Democrats want Vice President Mike Pence to step down from Trump this way, accepting the interim presidency to prevent the outgoing president from serving the last two weeks of his term.

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