The Senate approves the process of removing Donald Trump

The Senate approves the process of removing Donald Trump

The U.S. Senate approved this Tuesday, with the votes of Democratic senators and some Republicans, as a continuation of the judicial process to oust former President Donald Trump.

With 56 votes in favor and 44 against, the upper house of Congress confirmed that the case against the former president was within its jurisdiction.

Six Republicans, including 50 Democratic senators, voted in favor of continuing the process.

Luciana Senator Bill Cassidy, the only Louisiana senator in the Republican vote in favor, had previously declared himself against the process, but changed his position after the arguments were exposed.

Senators Susan Collins (Maine State), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), Mitt Romney (Utah), Ben Sauce (Nebraska) and Pat Doomi (Pennsylvania) were already expected to vote in favor.

Republican Senate President Mitch McConnell voted to continue the process, as expected.

The Senate vote took place at the end of the first day’s debate, and a simple majority was enough to move the process forward.

President Trump, the first president to be indicted twice in the same office, is the only president to be politically investigated since he resigned.

Today’s vote indicates that Democrats will not be able to garner votes in favor of a single sentence.

The constitution states that the sentence is valid only if it has the support of two-thirds of 100 senators, meaning that if 50 Democrats join 17 Republicans, it is 11 more than those who join Democrats today.

The trial is set to begin on Wednesday in Washington at 12:00 pm (17:00 pm in Lisbon).

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At the next stage, each party will have 16 hours to present its arguments in favor and in favor of punishment.

According to the office of Chuck Schumer, the leader of the Democratic majority in the Senate, 16 hours will have to be used in two days, and no party will be able to present 8 hours of arguments daily.

After the case is presented, the senators will have four hours to question the defense and attorneys, and then four hours to present the documents or call witnesses to testify before the Senate.

If the Senate approves the sub-phones to take place from Sunday to the beginning of next week, both parties can present witnesses, and an agreement on those testimonies is required.


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