The series broke the Queen’s Compete and is the most watched Netflix at the moment

Anya Taylor Joy como Elizabeth Harmon em O Gambito da Rainha (Fonte: Reprodução - Netflix)
Anya Taylor Joy as Elizabeth Hormone at Queens Campbell (Source: Background – Netflix)

It seemed like something big enough to finally fall Queen’s Gambit Program Level 1 Netflix; The series ran for almost a month in the United States, with the exception of a day or two, one of the largest and most important markets in the company.

The show, of course, is The Crown, which returns to Season 4 with a twist centering on Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, and serious fans of the series were eager to see what was being represented in this saga about the Queen’s life going on. Elizabeth II.

Debut of the crown O’Compito da Rainhaw topped the list of 10 most watched, watched this series Anya Taylor-Joy Fall to the third level Ranking. The series, which has boosted chess game sales since the list was introduced, has topped the list longer than any other project, although we have yet to receive official numbers from Netflix (which we should be proud of at one point next).

Crown Introduced with Claire Foy As Queen Elizabeth II, but the actress sent the baton Olivia Coleman, Starred in the 3rd film and continues in the 4th season, and can send that character Helen Mirran.

Tobias Menzies e Helena Bonham Carter Return as Prince Philip and Princess Margaret, respectively. Gillian Anderson, Margaret Thatcher and Emma GorenFinish the cast, just like Lady Diana.

Check out the trailer for the latest season below:

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The 4th season of The Crown premiered on November 15 Netflix. The series is scheduled to end in season 5. The first three seasons are available on the service list. Streaming.

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