The series ‘Life After Death’ delights skeptics of the supernatural

The series 'Life After Death' delights skeptics of the supernatural

Netflix life after death

If you’re the person scanning the internet for psychic stories, often meeting groups about ghosts or other planets and loving a horror movie, congratulations, you’re a target audience for the new Netflix series “Life After Death”.
Also, if you stray from all of these themes and think about dispelling doubts, congratulations again, because you are also the right audience for the series.
Based on the book titled “Survival of the fittest” by American journalist Leslie Keane – the original title – a series of six episodes recently launched on stage addresses the world of the dead in all its possibilities. However, it never deviates from its thread – what really happens when the body stops functioning?
Right now this review already offers its biggest spoiler, revealing that it doesn’t, and the series doesn’t offer definitive answers. But that does not mean that the viewer will leave the experience with the same beliefs he entered – depending on his mood, his view of the autopsy may change.
Because of this desire to make believers and those who reject the theme think, the direction of “Life After Death” – signed by Ricky Stern and Jesse Sweet – chose to bring the cases of patients declared dead in the opening chapter. For a short time.
After a kayak accident, a woman is said to have died of multiple injuries.
During childbirth, something like this happens with a mother who dies for almost a minute – in this case, the surprising thing is that she predicted what would happen throughout the pregnancy and was humiliated by her husband and doctors.
However, this option of talking about the passage right now is dangerous because it not only escapes the occult, but also provides more medicine than the context in which the documentary series is of interest. Most of the public should search for evidence (especially skeptics), as the evidence they want is more related to the ectoplasm than to the operating theaters.
For those who have survived this first ordeal with the forgiveness of punishment, see the reward of the five chapters fully with their feet on the other foot. Two of them – the best – depict and investigate the work of the media, people who claim to be able to communicate with spirits. The series loses its rhythm when dealing with reincarnation. While this brings up interesting stories, the script’s behavior of the boys, who have a full memory of what life was like in the past, undermines the great property of the presence of these characters.
Mandatory meeting between one of the boys and the actor’s family – one of the most embarrassing passages in his production that he claims to have been in the past. When exposed and trying to justify himself in front of a suspicious relative, the teenager apologizes for not remembering some of the details later. Unnecessary for everyone involved.

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Life after death
Where: Available on Netflix
Classification: 18 years
Production: USA, 2021
Direction: Ricky Stern and Jesse Sweet
Rating: Very good

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