The shocking Twitter hack this summer began as a tech support scam, New York regulators argued.

The shocking Twitter hack this summer began as a tech support scam, New York regulators argued.

The report concluded that Twitter had no chief information security officer at the time of the July 15 attack, and that internal security controls were poor.

Officials in the report called for additional cybersecurity regulations for key technology platforms.

“In other industries that are considered critical infrastructure such as telecommunications, utilities, and finance, we have established regulatory bodies and regulations to protect the public interest.” report “When it comes to cybersecurity, that’s what a large social media company needs systematically,” said New York Department of Financial Services.

In a statement, Twitter said in a statement that it took steps to strengthen the platform’s security, cooperated with the Department of Defense’s investigation, and had been arrested several times after the attack.

The statement said, “Protecting people’s privacy and security is a top priority for Twitter and not a responsibility we take lightly.” “We’ve been constantly investing in improving our team and technology to make it safe for people to use Twitter. This work is constant and always evolving.”

This famous hack has witnessed multiple celebrity accounts being hijacked by bitcoin scams promising a 100% return on investment to victims. In addition to Obama and Musk, hackers were able to hijack accounts such as Joe Biden, Kim Kardashian West, Uber, Apple, etc. The Bureau, one of the top U.S. regulators of cryptocurrency, launched an investigation shortly after the attack was revealed and is based on subpoenas, witness interviews, and documentary records.

The report on Wednesday revealed that an anonymous 17-year-old hacker and several accomplices have begun calling Twitter employees pretending to be offering help with the company’s VPN problem. The attack compromised at least one employee who had no direct access to the celebrity account, but later expanded to include other employees with access. The side of fraud was reported last month. Wired fabrication.

The report said, “Since switching to remote work, VPN issues have been common on Twitter.” “The hackers tried to direct that employee to a phishing website hosted on a domain with a similar name that looks exactly like a legitimate Twitter VPN website.”

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Hackers used bogus websites to steal employee login credentials and then enter the stolen information into Twitter’s actual administration website, triggering multi-factor authentication attempts completed by employees and giving them access to Twitter’s backend, reports report. Revealed.

Ultimately, the plan led to bitcoin scams that prevailed across millions of users, resulting in bitcoins worth $118,000.

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