The show’s chief executive is leaving tonight, citing Trump jokes

The show's chief executive is leaving tonight, citing Trump jokes

Rebecca Tristale.
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After nearly seven months at work, he became a lead writer The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon He called the show a “mutual decision.” He also expressed a desire to no longer work on comedy sketches about Donald Trump. As stated in it Chicago Sun-Times, November 5th, Rebecca Tristale shared in a private Facebook post that she decided to split up Tonight’s show, Where she was In April 2020 he was hired as chief writer. In a Facebook post – later deleted – Tristale said his departure was a “mutual decision” with the NBC show, saying “I’m not a good fit for the show, it’s not a good fit for me.”

After thanking his former colleagues on the show, Tristale further explained in the post that he no longer wants to be involved. Humor about Donald Trump, Then she said unrelated to him Tonight’s show Departure. “I make the decision never to work, write, or engage in another Trump painting again. Over the past few years I have landed in many jobs and situations where planning to make fun of Trump, or making information about Trump, led to split creative groups, anxiety, tears and pain. I can not decide the outcome of this election, but I can choose to vote for him from my creative life wherever we go when this is over, ”he wrote, adding that he would never write words to come out of his mouth, to see his picture edited or manipulated, or him Discuss how to have fun again. ”

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Trump further explained his position on the jokes and ended the post with Triestele deleted. “I believe humor is a powerful tool. I hope it can handle anything no matter how irrelevant. I do not believe that making fun of this man, talking about him, or fooling him is a good use of that power. It only adds to him, ”he wrote. “We’re all watching, waiting, waving our hands, waiting to see how this election is going to change, I’m just sitting back and relaxing about how I feel about it … I do not have to figure out how to have fun with Donald Trump tonight or tomorrow night, for that I I am really grateful. ”Before this Tonight’s show, Trieste wrote and produced the credits Key and Peale, More maintenance, And FX Baskets.

This post has been updated with descriptions of Tristale.

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