The SpaceX Starling launch pad set a record for the Falcon 9 rocket

SpaceX to set another big milestone with Starling launch on busy day

A Falcon 9 launch can typically carry up to 60 Starling satellites.


SpaceX launches its 16th volume Starling Broadband Satellites From Cape Canaveral in Florida on Tuesday night, its Falcon set a record for 9 rockets.

Increasing the new group of orbital routers has become a routine while working for Elon Musk’s rocket company. Create a mega-galaxy
With thousands of unique satellites in low Earth orbit. But this task puts a new feather in Muskin’s cap.

The first phase of the Falcon 9 made its seventh flight and landing, a new milestone for the company in rocket recycling. The booster has previously flown four Starling missions and a pair of large telecommunications satellite launches.

Shortly after launch, the SpaceX booster landed on the Atlantic transship Course I Still Love You, and was set to try to catch two parts of the nose cone or another pair of ships. The fair halves were also recycled, with one half making up its second plane and the other its third plane.

This work – the company’s 23rd mission of 2020 – comes a few days after SpaceX A new NASA and European Space Agency has launched a satellite into orbit.

Saturday morning, another Falcon 9 erupts from Vandenberg Air Force Base The new NASA / European Space Agency Sentinel 6 in California is designed to carry the Michael Freelich satellite to monitor global sea level rise and improve weather forecasting.

Initially, the Starling launch was scheduled to take place 10 hours after the launch of the Sentinel 6 mission, but was postponed by a couple of days due to technical and weather problems.

SpaceX launches first 1,000 Starling satellites into low Earth orbit General beta testing, Currently offered to a limited number of customers in Canada and North America.

The whole thing can be revisited here:

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