The stimulus check negotiation is a wild card. New timeline if pending until election

The stimulus check negotiation is a wild card.  New timeline if pending until election

Did you know? Different groups are tested for stimulation at different times.

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Date to get Second stimulus check If you are Qualify President Donald Trump suddenly Asked to stop negotiating the next stimulus package Until after November 3rd election Early Tuesday. And it seemed to restart later on the same day.

“When you get your standalone bill ($1,200) for your irritating check, you’ll immediately go to our great people. You’re ready to sign now. Are you listening to Nancy?” President account tweet, To mention House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other congressional leaders.

that much Stimulation package It is widely believed to be necessary to combat the economic effects of the virus. Hours before Trump’s first announcement Tuesday morning, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said “there is very little risk.”Exaggerate it“When putting cash into the economy.

The president disagreed on Tuesday afternoon. “I instructed my representatives to stop negotiations until the election is over,” Trump said. Shortly after being elected, we will pass a major stimulus bill that focuses on hard working Americans and small businesses. Return to the White House after hospitalization, Tweet. Trump keeps receiving COVID-19 treatment, including the steroid dexamethasone.

Trump’s bomb delays the passage of the bill for a new relief package that includes: Pay up to $1,200 per person (See the timeline chart below.) We are tracking the earliest times to receive new stimulus confirmations, reflecting the realistic date the deal will close and when and how soon the IRS can send new stimulus confirmations. Adjusted the calendar to do. When the new package finally works.

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When the IRS can send your first check now: 4 scenarios

Another stimulus package arises, finance minister Steven Mnuchin said It takes about a week to process your first payment. “I can get 50 million payments really quickly,” he said in August. Many of them go into people’s direct accounts.

We made speculations on potential dates based on the current situation in Washington. Not everyone receives payments at the same time. If the bill goes into law after the November 3rd election or after the January 20th, 2021 inauguration, read on to see how other priority groups are shaken.

The date the second stimulus confirmation may come out

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Scenario 4

House passes the final bill

November 9

November 23

December 7th

January 22

Senate passes final bill

November 10

November 30

December 8

January 23

President signs

November 11

December 1

December 9

January 24

First account deposit

Week of November 23

Week of December 14

Week of December 21

Week of February 1

Send your first check

Week of december 7

Week of December 21

Week of january 4

Week of February 8

first EIP card Sent

Week of December 28

Week of january 5

Week of February 1

Week of March 8

Why Some People May Get Checks Before Others

IRS so far at least 160 million people Here are three ways to start with the person who applied for direct deposit. People with more complex scenarios Still waiting for their checks Or even Chase pay. This gives some people a de facto priority for getting their checks days or weeks earlier than others. We expect the IRS to adopt an almost identical system for sending the second stimulus package.

Read more: Use the stimulus calculator to estimate the size of your check..

Direct deposit is the fastest: People who already have Deposit information When enrolling in the IRS or when enrollment resumes, the enrolled person must be the first to wait to receive a stimulus confirmation. Because electronic funds transfer is faster and more efficient, this group mostly received their first payment faster.

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Next stimulus check: what to expect


Social security beneficiaries: Many Social Security beneficiaries who registered direct deposit information with the federal government for their first stimulus payments received checks in the first week, but this was not always the first day.

People receiving paper checks: The IRS began mailing it about a week later to people with no direct deposit data on file.

EIP card recipient: Economic impact payment debit card It is a prepaid Visa card that the IRS has sent to about 4 million people from mid-May. If the IRS follows the same payment priority, this group will be able to see the check a few weeks after the first bank transfer is complete.

Last group: People who have received checks since June are still waiting for support payments or I didn’t know I had to complete the extra steps.. Direct payments will continue until the end of 2020 for some individuals who do not belong to the previous group. What can be here Keep stimulus confirmation delivery Some and How to contact the IRS Report lost, lost or stolen checks

What is the longest waiting time for a check?

We expect most people to get paid sooner, but if the first round is any indication, it could take months for the IRS to send all checks. Six months have passed since the first stimulus package was paid, but the federal agency is still Track millions of people Who owes money.

Even with the experience of processing around 160 million payments in the back pocket of the IRS, some people will have to tackle some hurdles to get the money. Here are some of the common obstacles to first stimulus identification..


Hopefully, if the IRS is approved, it will speed up the delivery of the second check.

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Some additional resources to help

If you are still waiting for your first payment Track stimulus check status, learn How to file a no-show check to the IRS It is possible Why the stimulus check has not yet arrived.

Here are some resources for it. Coronavirus difficult loan and Unemployment insurance, What to do if you are unemployed, What you need to know about eviction and Late vehicle payment, If the IRS is eligible for two refund checks And how Budget management.

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