The Trump administration presents a delay in nursing home vaccinations

The Trump administration presents a delay in nursing home vaccinations

Washington – Operation Warp Speed, the government’s vaccination initiative, advises clinics to manage Pfizer vaccine Elderly residents will have to wait until the end of this month to be vaccinated in long-term care facilities, although doses will arrive in all 50 states this week, although the CDC has recommended that the elderly be given priority as they are vulnerable to the corona virus.

CBS News has obtained two Operation Warp Speed ​​documents prepared by the Department of Health and Human Services with guidance for CVS and Walcreens, pharmacy partners accused of vaccinating residents in long-term care facilities. HHS explicitly advises suppliers that “this program can only be run until December 21st”, which refers to the provision of the Pfizer vaccine. The rate of infection in nursing homes has been on the rise in recent weeks, leading to high cost delays.

In “Face the Nation” on Sunday, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azhar Described It refused to delay the release date for this release and the long-term care facility in an attempt to “get ready-made vaccine”. Following the CBS News interview, HHS received documents stating the December 21 start date.

“We did not really ask the nursing homes to wait. We were able to have a good discussion with the CVS leadership about this misunderstanding they had at the Presidential Vaccine Distribution Summit,” Azhar said, adding that vaccinations can start “really any day” and Christmas for all nursing home residents. Can be vaccinated by.

Robert Garrett, CEO of Hokensock Meridian Health; The operator of one of New Jersey’s largest hospital systems confirmed in “Face the Nation” that the long-term care facilities his company operates were told to wait again this morning to vaccinate nursing home residents.

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“I listened to the secretary’s interview, but the latest information I have received from CVS and Walcreens is that they will start in the 21st week,” Garrett said. He said he did not know why the elderly should wait, adding that the first group of CDC nominees should be front-line health workers and long-term care residents.

“So, I thought it would start all at once,” Garrett told Face the Nation. His hospitals expect to receive the vaccine dose on Monday, and plan to begin vaccinating front-line medical staff the next day.

Former FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Godlip The delay was confirmed and said the reason for this was that nursing home residents or their families would have to approve the vaccine.

“It’s a very expensive delay [are] Now there are 50,000 new infections in nursing homes every week, and more than that. And we know that 20% of affected nursing homes will be infected. So, there are a lot of deaths happening in these nursing homes, “he said.” Face the Nation

Godleaf, a former official in the Trump administration, now advises several governors, estimating that it will take a week to get approval from patients. He also estimated that it would take a total of three weeks for nursing home residents to be vaccinated for CVS and Walkreens. He also serves on the board of directors of Godleaf Pfizer.

It is not clear why Operation Warp Speed ​​was not arranged in advance to help get approval. Godlip said it should have been done ahead of time.

“I think they could have kept a fact sheet. They could have destroyed a fact sheet with the FDA and given nursing homes a limited emergency use authorization to destroy that information so they could formally admit patients it was not done.” Said Godlip.

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CVS declined to comment on Azhar’s comments. Last month, Larry Merlow, CEO of CVS Health, “Face the Nation,” he said He expected the vaccination process to begin within 48 hours of the vaccine being supplied. All 50 states are set to begin receiving vaccine levels on Monday.

The HHS document obtained by CBS News further states that a vaccine made by Pfizer or Moderna should be selected by the authority. Those who choose the modern vaccine – which has not yet been approved by the FDA for emergency use – will not be able to distribute it to nursing homes until December 28.

Employees at those long-term care facilities can get vaccinated at on-site clinics. The HHS document is entitled “Draft – Pre-End and Deliberate”.

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