The UK’s heaviest former man has died. I was 52 years old

The UK's heaviest former man has died.  I was 52 years old

Mat the age of 52 he spoke to the man who was considered the heaviest man in the UK. Barry Austin, weighed 412 kilograms and died of breathing difficulties and infections who has suffered over the years

Barry, a former Birmingham-born taxi driver, died on Friday.

Barry gained notoriety due to his overeating and even appeared in Sky One’s ‘Inside Britain’s Fattest Man’ documentary, presented by Richard Hammond. He also appeared in a comedy drama on “The Fattest Man in the UK”. At some point in his life, man consumed more than 29,000 calories and 12 liters of soft drinks per day.

In time for the farewells, there are many tributes from family and friends who on social media remember the man he was. The club of his heart, Birmingham City FC, and where he even held a captive seat, also expressed his condolences.

The man decided to change his life in 2012, when he was about to go up to the altar, and decided to lose weight. He put on a gastric band and lost over 100 kilos, eventually losing his title.

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