The UN has accused Donald Trump of “violating international law” in the Blackwater case

The UN has accused Donald Trump of "violating international law" in the Blackwater case

UN human rights experts say Donald Trump’s Christmas presidential pardon this year for four Americans accused of killing Iraqi civilians in 2007 violates US obligations under international law. Guardian.

Nicholas Slotten was convicted of first-degree murder and Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard were convicted of voluntary murder and attempted murder, respectively, as Americans opened fire on a troubled Baghdad square and killed 14 Iraqi civilians.

All four worked for the private security firm Blackwater, whose owner is the brother of Trump’s education secretary.

The UN has called for the use of mercenaries in the aftermath of the war, saying “the pardon of those contracted by Blackwater is an insult to justice and to those killed in Nisur Square and their families.” Said Jelena Aparak, chair of the executive committee.

According to a document released by the working group, “these amnesties violate US obligations under international law and often undermine human rights.”

The apology was widely criticized by many elements related to the administration of the United States. Ryan Crocker, the US ambassador to Iraq in 2007, sees Trump’s apology as an example and an act of telling the world that “it is very harmful, that Americans abroad can commit heinous crimes because they will not be punished.”

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