The US government will allow Dictoc to watch and ‘observe’ its own deadline

TikTok launching new app on Amazon Fire TV

The Trump administration will not implement its own deadline for Bite Dance to sell or rotate the business of video sharing site Dictok in the United States. According to Bloomberg.

The latest deadline for that action was set by the Foreign Investment Commission (CFIUS) in the United States On November 28th, Today, December 4. Although the current debate between the Trump administration and Dictok is “not noticed as the debate continues,” an extension is not expected, Bloomberg Reports.

CNN technical reporter Brian Fung confirms US will not implement its own deadline, sources say Lack A deadline is proof that the United States “Very motivated”To end the talks about sales.

The Trump administration has repeatedly argued that Dictok and Bite Dance are a national security risk, and the U.S. Department of Commerce has issued an order blocking Dictok’s downloads. In September. But Trump later said he accepted the initiative of Oracle and Walmart. “ConsiderAlthough it is unclear how it will deal with concerns about security risks, the creation of a new US-based company called Dictok Global. That deal requires final approval from China, which has not yet arrived.

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