‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Analysis and Analysis

'The Walking Dead' Season 10 Analysis and Analysis

Hearst recorded country songs for his character beta. Cast Dan Fogler wrote one of them.

Ryan Hurst actually recorded and sang music this season while listening to his character singing on “TWD”.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

This isn’t just limited to Sunday episodes, but I thought it was a fun fact that fans would now know after catching up with Hearst. Going back to the two episodes, Beta played one of his songs, “The Turtle and the Monkey” at the end of the episode. AMC later released another track “I Went Down to the Well”.

Hurst has recorded both songs written by former and current “TWD” stars. “The Turtle and the Monkey” is the cover of the song Emily Kinney. The actress played Maggie’s sister Beth on the show until season 5.

“It was one of the actor’s nightmare situations,” Hearst said. “Before we started filming, they said they were going to make him a country music singer. And they said, “Well, you can sing. Right? “I said.

The second song was written by Dan Fogler. In addition to playing Luke in “TWD”, he is also a musician. Hurst suggested he make a song for Beta.

Hearst said, “An hour later when I was driving home, he sent me this little rough track he sings. I said’Oh, let’s do it.'” “So we passed it on to AMC, and they put all the compositions together and got someone to record another song.”

You can Listen to “I Went Down to the Well” here..

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