The WB denied Ray Fisher’s allegations and said Star has been quieted in the investigation.

The WB denied Ray Fisher's allegations and said Star has been quieted in the investigation.

Warner Bros. Pictures has made its own definition.

The studio responded to the Friday claims of the “Justice League” actor. Ray fisher, Especially with regard to the actions of top management DC film The effectiveness of an internal investigation into the 2017 superhero movie starring Fisher.

The store owned by WarnerMedia adamantly denies Fisher’s claim to be the chief executive officer of DC Films. Walter Hamada In the expression of his character Cyborg, Batman, Wonder Woman and his character fighting with others, he attempted to play the filmmakers with each other to solve the actor’s problems. The studio also says that Fisher did not cooperate with the investigation initiated at his request.

The reaction was triggered by Fisher’s Friday tweet. Fisher includes ongoing accusations of “Justice League” Finch Heater director Jos Wedon and filmmakers Jeff Jones and John Berg. Earlier this summer, Fisher accused Whedon of acting emotionally on set. On Friday he accused Hamada of fixing his concerns only on Whedon and Berg.

“I got a call from the DC Films president after talking about the Justice League, and he tried to give up Jeff Jones by throwing Joss Wedon and John Berg under the bus,” Fisher said. “I won’t.”

Warner Bros. Please read the full response from the spokesperson.

In July, Ray Fisher’s representative asked DC Films president Walter Hamada to talk to Fisher about his concerns during the production of “Justice League.” The two had previously spoken to Mr. Hamada when he asked him to repeat the cyborg role in Warner Bros. ‘An upcoming flash movie with other members of the Justice League. In a conversation last July, Mr. Fisher cited a disagreement with the film creative team about the depiction of the cyborg and complained that the proposed script revision was not adopted. Mr. Hamada explained that creative differences are a normal part of the production process and ultimately the writer/director of the film should be in charge of these issues. In particular, Hamada told Mr. Fisher that he would post his concerns on Warner Media and conduct an investigation. Because Mr. Fisher made false claims, Mr. Hamada did not make any judgments about “throwing someone under the bus,” or making a “Justice League” that Mr. Hamada was not involved in. Hamada has been promoted to her current position.

While Mr. Fisher has never alleged actionable offenses against him, WarnerMedia nevertheless began investigating concerns raised about the character’s portrayal. Still unsatisfied, Mr. Fisher insisted WarnerMedia hire an independent third-party investigator. The investigator has attempted to meet with Fisher several times to discuss his concerns, but to this day, Fisher has refused to speak with the investigator. Warner Bros. is committed to the well-being and responsibility of every cast and crew in each production. It is also dedicated to investigating specific and credible allegations of cheating that Mr. Fisher has not been able to provide to date.

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