The World Bank has announced $ 6,246 million in aid to Lebanon

The World Bank has announced $ 6,246 million in aid to Lebanon

A The assistance equivalent to Euro 201 million will be in the form of a transfer Live And supports the development of a social service organization to provide the best response to the country’s passing crises, the international agency said.

Lebanon is living autumn season 2019 is the worst economic and financial crisis of its decades, leading to a 19.2% drop in GDP (START) By 2020, the World Bank will have the highest inflation and the worst poverty.

According to the company, 45% of the population lives there Currently Below the poverty line.

The economic crisis has been exacerbated by subsequent political instability October 2019 and the International spread of Govt-19 has forced the country to many Prisons First March 2020.

The government will impose the new one from Thursday Prison Tough for 11 days to control the spread Infections, Which will make the situation of the most vulnerable worse.

Lebanon, with a population of six million, officially registered 226,948 cases Govt-19 and 1,705 deaths.

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