The World of Warcraft finally explains Sylvanas’ secret plot

The World of Warcraft finally explains Sylvanas' secret plot

World of Warcraft The fans spent most of it Battle for Azeroth One big question to ask: What exactly, bad Warsiff Sylvanas Windrunner is planning? It was clear he was playing some kind of five-dimensional chess involving genocides, betrayals and amazing secret magical powers. New expansion, Shadows, Also centered on the layers of Sylvanas. But thanks to a new Gatskin, we know what she’s really doing, which is very bad news for everyone.

There are spoilers in this article ShadowsEarly game content, especially dungeons and dorcast.

Why is Sylvanas so obsessed with later life?

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Sylvanas is one of the last remaining characters to come out of real-time strategy games; He was introduced Warcraft 3, Where he was immediately killed by Arthas on his journey to become the Lich King. He resurrected her, and when she was out of control of her mind, she took the lead over Forsaken with the intention of taking revenge against Arthas.

After Arthus died at the hands of the soldiers King Lich’s wrath, Sylvanas decided it was a job well done, and there was not much use in sticking to the undead pansy. In Short Story Edge of Night, Initially published Disaster In 2010, he threw himself from the top of the Icecrown Citadel and died. In a sad turn, she finished Too bad it goes to hell For reasons currently unknown.

Sylvanas makes a dark deal with Valkyrie, who has the wings of death, to come back alive and escape her fate. Since then, she has never, ever gone back. Most players explained this because he did not want to die. It turns out that she is a little more ambitious than that.

Attack God and throw away

As Shadows, We now know that Sylvanas was in the league with the completely new World of Warcraft villain Jailer. Jailer was one of the Shadowlands bosses, but his colleagues decided he was sucking and fired him. He is responsible for all the problems in the Shadowlands, and his maneuvers are why players have to complete the content for the hourly search. He and Sylvanas have formed a league of masterminds related to evil death BrigadeHelya.

The villains have linked some of Azeroth’s greatest heroes, including King Anduin, the organization’s golden boy. Sylvanas and Antoine finally chat together, Sylvanas explains it Death in the World of Warcraft is rude and unjust.

If someone dies, we find that they go to the Orbiter, which is a sorting hat from Hogwarts in the form of a giant angel girl. She arranges souls to their final destination without their input. So, you may die, and then suddenly wake up and find yourself inside A vampire torture rehabilitation program, Or A giant metalhead mosh pit of eternal war. This is the second, possible eternal life, and most of the characters we encounter seem very accurate in the referee and his judgment. Sylvanas, on the other hand, considers this absurd.

She has a point here! Spouses, parents and children are separated. Kyrian, one ShadowsFour major categories, New souls need to clear their life memories.

As he points out this is not a good guy moment for Sylvanas, Antoine gets one of the best moments of the expansion so far. A, Her dress is absolutely Closed With skulls. Second, he keeps Antoine in a terrifying, death-related prison carved into tiles. Sylvanas basically shrugged, “Nodes justify ways!” Which, Sylvanas, I find difficult with this argument in terms of mind control, genocide and abandoning the skeleton-raising blight on people.

Also, we are not yet sure what her ends are. Sylvanas wants to set up a new death system, one with more company that will indirectly allow her Smooch Goth boyfriend under her For all eternity. But we don’t know what that means, or how she will do it.

So far, I’m in the process of figuring out other story tricks Shadows Has its sleeve. So far there are a lot of possibilities in the expansion, and Jailer looks like a good villain to add to the game’s rugged gallery. It’s still early days, so there’s plenty of time to thank Sylvanas for the player’s interference so badly on the project.

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