The world’s first group Hyperloop trip was a success

The world’s first group Hyperloop trip was a success

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In a call with Engadget prior to the test, representatives of the Virgin Hyperloop said they were paying more attention to security, considering the extent to which the trip could be triggered. The two walked through the tube and showed various exit points and procedures so that if things failed, they could exit the capsule. Hyperloop said the pair will continue to interact with the company’s control desk throughout the test.

The pair traveled on a new, second generation Hyperloop pod, Codenamed XP-2, “Pegasus Pot.” The XP-2 has a comfortable seat and is designed for two passengers. Both seats have beef five-point channels, which you can find in race cars, but they are the only variation used for testing. This is because the pod is designed to reflect a real hyperloop journey in as many ways as possible, and real things are more like a subway ride than a rocket.

Interior shot of XP-2 in Virgin Hyperloop "Pegasus Pot" Interior in anticipation of the first group hyperloop test.

Thomas Yim / Virgin Hyperloop

To maintain a comfortable experience for acceleration and braking, the speed of the capsule in this test was limited to 107 mph. This is less than half the pod speed of the pipe, which is the maximum outflow At 240 miles During the tests at the end of 2017. This is often below the length of the pipeline: not more than 500 meters long to reach the speed the company promises to achieve. But more speed will be demonstrated when the second hyperloop facility is built West Virginia.

As one company representative told Engadget, “This is our moon landing.” Proving that the pod is safe for human consumption is a major milestone in its journey. This may motivate more investors Controllers Go on board to help the bank account the next stage of its evolution.

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