The Xbox Series S design appears to have leaked with the price of the next-generation Xbox

The Xbox Series S design appears to have leaked with the price of the next-generation Xbox

On Sunday evening, the floodgates opened on Microsoft’s plans to launch the next generation of consoles. “Xbox Series X” console through multiple reports along with video snippets (Announced at the end of 2019) Next to the cheaper and smaller “Xbox Series S” models by the end of the year.

And while a few details are subject to change, estimates in the report, which are estimated at $299 for the Xbox Series S and $499 for the Xbox Series X in particular, believe this design leaked for the smaller next-generation Xbox is correct.

Brad Sams, a longtime Microsoft tracking reporter, kicked off a surge in news on Sunday. Screenshot showing the obvious Xbox Series S designIt is white, about half the size of the Xbox Series X and costs $299. Sams did not provide an explanation of the source of his image, but he has repeatedly reported on the existence of the Series S. Under development under code name Lockhart, With Series X (codename Scarlett).

S marks the spot

if The previous report, Series S will debut with the same technical leaps seen in Series X. These may include features such as: “Velocity Architecture” for faster game loading Or cool graphic effects like ray tracing. However, the Series S will offer these “next-generation” perks with lower maximum power. This means lowering the console price for lower pixel resolutions (e.g. 1080p) or lower frame rates. Sams and other reporters have estimated a maximum rendering level of roughly 4 teraflops for the Series S. Series X’s 12 TF power and 4K resolution aspirations.

Ars Technica in August Check out the names of cheap consoles, Thanks to Microsoft’s plans and familiar sources for the early release of the controller (referred to as “Xbox Series X/S” in the “Compatibility” list).

Immediately after Sams’ report was published Windows Central reporting Same price range for the Series S, with claims that the Xbox Series X will launch for $499. WC’s report, citing the “source”, claimed that both consoles would be released on November 10th, but the report did not clarify where they would be released. (Microsoft We previously confirmed the “November” console launch of the Series X..)

The combination of date and price can change very well ahead of the announcement Microsoft is planning, but the Series S design appears to have been confirmed in two reports citing the same design: Leaked snippet of the Series S public video shared by Twitter user “_h0x0d_. “This four-second video includes a slick animation of two new consoles placed side by side, and an animation of the Series S sliding into a transparent version of the Series X chassis to highlight the size comparison, the narrator explains at this point. “How small it is.”

What Narrator didn’t say in the short clip is that the Series S doesn’t appear to have a disk drive on the front or any other visible side. It’s unclear whether the disc drive could exist on the other side, but for Xbox, placing the disc drive slot on the same side as the console power button for years would be a big design starting point. So, to get the price down to $299, we skip the disk drive and further emphasize the following digital download subscription packages: Xbox Game Pass-It seems possible.

Instead, the video shows an arrangement of top holes that resemble a pattern of dots on the edges. Xbox One X, With a full black round panel with a dotted line on the sides, allowing for more ventilation. Given that Microsoft removed all Xbox One X consoles earlier this year, it’s not surprising, except that the console’s design is similar to the Xbox One X. Let me speculate that the Xbox Series S will take its place. In the Xbox hierarchy.

Windows Central’s report includes a suggestion that the Series S will be released with the “Xbox All Access” financing option for $25 per month, and the Series X will be released for $35 per month. The exact terms of such agreements and whether they include perks such as Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass have yet to be confirmed.

Representatives from Xbox and Microsoft did not immediately respond to questions about the apparent leak of the Xbox Next Generation Plan.

Listing images h0x0d

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