The ‘Zombie Minks’ in Denmark who were killed to prevent the spread of the corona virus seem to have risen from their graves

The 'Zombie Minks' in Denmark who were killed to prevent the spread of the corona virus seem to have risen from their graves

Minx affected with a mutated strain New corona virus He seemed to wake up from the grave later this week Thousands were selected In Denmark at the beginning of the month.

The decision to kill the animals was made following the discovery that 11 people had fallen ill due to the same strain found on mink farms and factories.

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However, in a hurry Dispose of Bodies, Danish officials issued a statement Thursday There were some corpses Rose to the surface Their temporary graves after the gases built into the decaying bodies.

The corpses were buried Departments of Military Training Outside the city of Holstebro.

Thousands of murdered mink were buried on November 12, 2020, at the training ground of the Jitske Dragon Regiment in Noirfelding, near Holstepro, Denmark. Millions infected with the corona virus have been wiped out in Denmark and the disease has been found elsewhere in the world. (Via Morton Striker / NDP AB)

The corpses lay in trenches just 8 feet deep and 10 feet wide, the first meter of dead mink covered with lime before adding another layer beneath the dirt, According to the Associated Press.

However, although the mink must be covered with at least 5 feet of soil, CBS News reported They were buried only about 3 feet deep and near a lake – raising concerns about the possible Pollution.

Leaders said the grave would be monitored by officials Let’s put a fence.

The “zombie” mink is being rebuilt elsewhere Environmental officials They have promised to rectify the situation.

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Some mayors suggested cremation of mink corpses, According to USA Today.

Parliament has ordered the killing of about 15 million mink, and all mink farming will be banned until the end of next year. The country is the world’s largest exporter of mink fur.

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More than 74,700 cases and more than 800 deaths have been reported in Denmark Johns Hopkins Corona Virus Resource Center.

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