There will also be support for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen

There will also be support for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra S Pen

We’re back with another message about Samsung’s next flagship Galaxy S21. This phone has been the subject of numerous rumors and leaks, and a Unofficial analysis Already published.

The brand has already pointed out that the Galaxy S21 Ultra version will support the S Pen. But this has now been strengthened since the detail appeared on the North American FCC identifier.

The AS Pen is Samsung's flagship device. But we still do not know what the future holds for this device, and many rumors suggest that it will be a South Korean brand. Results With them, other recent sources Strengthen Its continuation.

However, what is certain is that Samsung wants to extend its pen to other devices. But this data alone does not mean ‘killing’ brand specifications. Yes, it says that more and more smartphones from the company will get support for the S Pen. May already be the first winner.

The Galaxy S21 will have support for the Ultra S Pen

Although Samsung has already revealed that it will support the Galaxy S21 Ultra Model S Pen, now there is another reinforcement. This method confirmation comes from the identifier FCC, This is reserved for devices registered with the United States Federal Communications Commission.

According to the FCC, The Samsung SMG998B, I.e. Galaxy S21, in tests Reveals Support for "stylus device (S-Pen)" operating in the 0.53 - 0.6 MHz band.

However, the S Pen is not included on top of the Galaxy S21 Ultra range, instead Samsung sells it separately. It is not yet clear whether this pen was used in the reference line, or whether it was something specially designed for these new devices.

The same FCC report also states that the phone will bring wireless power sharing. This is how you can charge the Galaxy Butts Pro this way.

According to rumors, the Galaxy S21 will be priced at € 879, the S21 + € 1,079 and the S21 Ultra ரா 1,399. Samsung may launch this new range on January 14, 2021.

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