“These are political games”: Novak Djokovic accuses ATP of stopping Blair from returning to council

"These are political games": Novak Djokovic accuses ATP of stopping Blair from returning to council

Novak Djokovic He has opened a wormhole after announcing that he has been recommended for return to the ATP Player Council. The 17-time Grand Slam champion and former council chairman resigned in August along with fellow member Wasek Bospisil.

Novak Djokovic makes it clear he is not running to return to the Blair Council

After he left the council, the Serbian floated under the name of the Professional Tennis Players Association (PDPA) in the forefront of new players.

Tennis – ATP Finals – The O2, London, UK – November 16, 2020 Serbia’s Novak Djokovic during his group stage match against Argentina’s Diego Swartzman action films against Reuters / Paul Childs

Djokovic made his comments after appearing in Russia Daniel Medvedev In ATP Finals On Wednesday. He He said the game’s primary management team stands on the way back to the council.

“I was nominated by my teammates. I did not run fast for council.” Serbian Said.

The Serbian claims that the ATP rules were changed to remove him from the player council

Djokovic, ATP has introduced a rule overnight. He Said, “Until last night, I wanted to collaborate with ATP as one of the PTPA cooperatives … But by promoting the new rule you will not be able to be a member of any other organization within the Council and the tennis body at the same time.Hey (ATP) they have sent a clear message that they are all thinking. ”

World No. 1 also added, “So again, the apptour went against the wishes of the big team players who recommended apt Vasoor and me. We are not the ones who applied as it was reported in the media. ”


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Serbs accuse ATP bosses of seeking ‘politics’ to oust him from council “These are behind-the-scenes political games and you have not seen anything written about themIt is important to note that Novak Djokovic is a hypocrite. BWell, this is not the first time I’m used to itIt only strengthens my shieldIt gives me even greater motivation to do the right thing for the game and the players. ”

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Novak Djokovic saw no conflict between the council and the PDPA

Djokovic has accused the council of pressuring him to step down. The Serbs said the intention behind the PTPA should not be to compete with the ATP players’ lead.

Daniel Medvedev and Novak Djokovic in the ATP Finals 2020
Tennis – ATP Finals – The O2, London, UK – November 18, 2020 Daniel Medvedev of Russia speaks via Reuters / Paul Shields after winning action films with Serbia’s Novak Djokovic in their group stage match

“I do not see any conflict between being part of the PDPA and the Player Council. I was not then or now.” Djokovic said. He further clarified the situation. “Some have said that being one of the founders of PTPA and coming back to the Council is hypocrisy for me. It was not my intention to return to church. ”

No. 1 suggests that the PDPA should be reconsidered

World No. 1 said the PDPA should reconsider its approach in light of the new ATP rule. He said, “This is a start for the PTPA, we need to see what our next strategic move will be … ohFrom now on we have to have a slightly different approach. We know where we stand when it comes to ATP. ”

The ATP has not yet responded to the Serbian allegation that it was deliberately barred from returning to the Council.

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