These are the WhatsApp rules for those who do not accept the new privacy policy

These are the WhatsApp rules for those who do not accept the new privacy policy

Those who do not accept WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will have until May 15 to begin experiencing the effects of using the app, which means blocking the sending and receiving of messages. TechCrunch, a website that addresses technology and companies, revealed that the company can receive notifications and calls after the due date, but only “for a short time”.

This change in privacy policy, communicated in early 2021, makes the owner of the app think about sharing new data with Facebook. However, this innovation only applies to conversations with companies, which can be stored on Facebook servers and use its data for advertising.

All messages – text, audio, video and image – are constantly encrypted between individuals. That is, any conversation other than business accounts is accessible only to the sender and recipient.

The app also clarifies that despite users’ concerns, it does not share contact lists with Facebook or records of who each user speaks to. In addition, WhatsApp explained that accounts that do not accept the new privacy policy will not be deleted and that users can still accept the new terms after May 15.

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