These wines and vines return to Earth after a year of space travel – Observer

These wines and vines return to Earth after a year of space travel - Observer

The SpaceX cargo ship “Dragon” sank a total of 12 bottles and 320 feet of flag from the well-known French region of Bordeaux at the International Space Station (ISS) a year later off the coast of Florida. , Abstract in English). The long-awaited dive took place a week late this week, and marks the culmination of a phase of a project that combines science and alcohol.

The wines were launched into space in November 2019 – they have yet to reach astronauts – and last March as part of a science project led by Flags (50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Merlot). Start Space cargo is unlimited. Both bottles and plants will be transported back to France for inspection by a team from the Institute of Wine and Wine Science at the University of Bordeaux.

This red wine came from the base of Alqua

As in previous extraordinary experiences involving wine – 32 thousand bottles have already aged at the base of Alqua – these wines and vines will be compared to their respective control groups on the ground.

A complete sequencing of the plant gene will be carried out to determine any and all changes in the structure of the DNA while the vines remain in the ISS. The list includes a chemical analysis of the wines, a private flavor scheduled for March – it will be interesting to see what changes can be made to the wine space, whether it be in taste or aroma.

Nicola Gomez, CEO of the company responsible for the project Explained Researchers at Mission Wise want to understand how flags are adapted or formed in a relatively short period of time to stressful conditions, according to Decanter, an expert in alcohol – because weightlessness is the “ultimate stress”. The idea is to understand how vineyards, and agriculture in general, may or may not be affected by the stress factors associated with climate change.

Philip Doriot, Director of Science at the Institute of Wine and Wine Science at the University of Porto He explained The permanence of the 12 bottles at the international station is an opportunity to explore the impact of “microgravity and solar radiation on the evolution of wine components,” he told Euronews.

At present, the brand of aged wines in space somehow is unknown, but it is known that they all belong to a French producer and an annual harvest.

Deacon says this is not the first time bottles of wine have been sent into space since the 1985 premiere took place while NASA’s Discovery aboard the Harvest in Chateau Lynch-pages in 1985.

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