They did an excellent job of investigating my love affair with Ben Benfica

They did an excellent job of investigating my love affair with Ben Benfica

Diego Pinto, the Romanians’ new sports director, was introduced after completing a period of isolation due to a positive test for Cowie-19. He agrees that ending a love story with Benfica is not easy.

One day while attending Roma’s first training session, led by Comrade Paolo Fonseca and Diego Pinto, Giororochi’s new general manager was introduced to the Italian press, with whom he spoke in Portuguese: I will speak the language. “

After a period of isolation due to a positive test for Covit-19, the former person in charge of Benfica’s football commented: “I’m glad to be here, very motivated for this project. One thing, working in that place in another place.Fortunately, I have been in close contact with everyone, at the center of Tricoria since yesterday.Only first impressions can be positive.

When asked why Roma had to leave Benfica, Diego Pinto explained how this happened. “The Italian media did a great job of investigating my love affair with Benfica. The decision to leave the club was not an easy one. My conversations with Don Friedkin convinced me. [dono do clube] Who explained their plan and what they intended to create. Conversations that have inspired me and made me understand that it is important to make your ideas realistic and to make Roma a more competitive team capable of winning titles. “

With regard to goals, the new leader of the Romans recalled: “This plan is medium and long-term. Sustainability is essential for success in the future. No one can find the time to win in football. We need to do better. Performances should be better from game to game. If we can do that, results and titles will come. Understand that consistency is essential to success in the future and will continue to do so over time. “

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“We will do our best to update with Pellegrini”

Diego Pinto revealed amidst laughter that “he has no language problem” with Paulo Fonseca, explaining that he works every day to find “the best solutions”. In a case that worries fans, the contract of 24-year-old midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini expires in 2022. “I’m an outspoken person, he’s involved in our project: young, talented and deeply connected to Rome. Soon we will do everything we can to access this update.”

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