Things to watch out for in the toughest MLB playoffs in history

Things to watch out for in the toughest MLB playoffs in history

It was like baseball May not come hereHowever, MLB’s regular season ended on Sunday and the playoffs were nearing. And it will be ridiculous: the postseason Now there are 16 teams – which Must mean more chaos — This is a neutral site game, without most home field advantages. From the division series through the world series. And the schedule of wildcard rounds alone could overload us with baseball in the near future.

As the game begins, the storyline will be enriched. report MLB prediction model, The main topic that goes into one of the following The toughest postseason ever.

Dodgers love it.

16 team types World Series odds decrease For top teams, it didn’t stop the LA Dodgers from looking like the best team of 2020. Currently, LA offers a 33% chance to win every match. We started our prediction 2015 year. (In fact, they’re the only team with a 10%+ championship chance right now.) It’s hard to pick just one area of ​​power to highlight for the Dodgers. They are in the top 10 at Win over substitution Batting, defense, starting pitcher, and even the lil river. But their lineup is Especially scary, Six starters Will Smith, Corey Seager, Mookie Betts, Justin Turner, Chris Taylor and AJ Pollock Generated weighted run plus (wRC+) speed is over 130. (And that’s not to take into account Cody Bellinger or Max Muncy, who reached that level last season.)

The biggest question is LA You can finally unlock your championship potential. After being one of the most successful multi-year runs by the titleless team. The only team that won more regular season matches than the 2013-19 Dodgers without a championship in seven years came from the second half. Atlanta Braves’ 14th season division title straight And New York Yankees since 2000. And remember: despite the Dodgers’ relatively high odds this year, the field still has a 67% chance of finding a way to stop them. But, at least on paper, they are my favorite.

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American League is more open

Us Knowing that the Dodgers dominate In NL. But in AL 2 popular pre-season works -The New York Yankees and Houston Astros (more on that later)-although they each made their way to the playoffs, they didn’t exactly have an amazing season. This was left open for security by Tampa Bay Rays. AL No. 1 seedThe Auckland Athletics, Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Indians also climbed the list. It also means there is no clear preference in the AL postseason field. The Rays have the best World Series odds (10%) (Yankees (8%)) among AL teams, and Tampa Bay has Preparing for playoffs in theory, Is the only team in the top 5 in the WAR in both defense and bullpen. However, they are the least popular at best, with the other two teams (New York and Minnesota) within 3 percentage points of our pennant odds. With the Rays swaying, virtually every other AL team can make a trusted case for representing the league in the World Series. Outstanding talent Yankees, strong With twins Rich in pitching Indians, exceptionally deep and balanced A and above.

Cinderella has a chance

Some teams in the lower half of the league, such as the Yankees and Astros, cannot conscientiously be considered “Cinderella”. Etc – Amazing miami marlins — Realistically, it won’t be enough to run the World Series. However, some low seeds are likely to be surprising. In the AL, the Chicago White Sox (2%) and Toronto Blue Jays (1%) have a chance to win the World Series. Chicago looks particularly dangerous with a combination of hits (7th in WAR), defense (7th) and relief pitcher (10th). Cincinnati Reds (3%) in NL, St. It’s not difficult to imagine Louis Cardinals (2%) or Milwaukee Brewers (2%) causing the top seed problem. Cincy, led by Trevor Bauer and Luis Castillo, won three rotations in the WAR and St. Louis has the best defense in MLB, and Milwaukee is in second place after Cleveland in the overall pitching WAR. It will be harder for Reds, Cardinals and Brewers to create a World Series with the Dodgers. But at least each of them is likely to get angry.

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No one knows what to expect from Astros.

The defensive AL champion hasn’t fully exploded since. The most turbulent off season In recent baseball memories. But they weren’t even the Astros we’ve seen. Houston ended with a loss record (29-31) and overall performance fell. In particular, Astros’ wRC+ dropped in the attack. No. 1 in 2019 just 17th of this year. Fair or not, the fall of Houston batters this season will be seen as a referendum on the usefulness of past rule violations. (The perception is that Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman The central figure of the scandal fallout, Each wRC+ figure has fallen by at least 45 points since last year.)

With prominent hitters for years Season surgery Dear Ace Justin Burlander, it’s hard to take Astros’ offer for the third pennant of four seasons seriously. But it is also important to remember. 60 games are not that big sample — According to the Elo rating (it changes gradually only after each game of the season, the method determined in the test Best for predicting future outcomes), Houston remains One of the better teams at MLB … According to theory. (So ​​despite the mediocre record, the World Series odds are 5%.) But whether that talent will pop up in the postseason is not yet known.

2020 could be the year of the breakout team, or the team could finally overcome the hurdle.

Two of the best storylines about this are, well, unique The MLB season was a breakthrough for the Chicago White Sox and the San Diego Padres. Each of the two franchises ended over a decade of playoff drought in 2020. These were also not Fluke. San Diego and Chicago finished second in the season and are 4 each in the WAR. It’s likely to get an all-breakout matchup in Fall Classic after the 3rd consecutive World Series featuring Astros or Dodgers (or both). And if there was a season that needed it, it would be 2020.

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But if you’re not the White Sox or Padres, there are plenty of other top contenders that can finally get over the hump this year. Rays (#3 in WAR) may still be looking for the best opportunity to reach the team. Second world series. The Braves (No. 5) is Fragment of last year’s NLDS. Twins (6th place) Their own torture postseason history Overcome. Land (No. 7) Trying to crack the postseason code for Now 20 years. The Indians (8th place) did not win everything. Since 1948. Of course, even the Dodgers actually Won World series Since 1988.

Whatever happens, this playoff is a great opportunity to give a satisfying story at the end of the season. for a long time — It didn’t even seem like it could happen. And what we see in the process can make the postseason the most fun for a long time. Ball play!

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