This astronomer actually believes that we were visited by aliens in 2017

This astronomer actually believes that we were visited by aliens in 2017

Discovering the existence of intelligent life beyond our planet may be the most transformative event in human history, but what if scientists collectively choose to ignore the evidence that it already happened?

A new book by Israeli-American astronomer and theoretical physicist Avi Lope states: The best and simplest explanation for the most extraordinary properties of a galaxy passing through our solar system in 2017 argues that it is alien technology.

Loeb’s credentials – director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard, director of the Computer Theory Institute at the Harvard-Smithsonian Astronomy Center, have published hundreds of innovative articles and collaborated with big names such as the late Stephen Hawking – whose thesis is hard to dismiss immediately.

“It is arrogant to think that we are unique, special and privileged,” he told AFP in a video call. “The right posture should be modest: ‘We are not special, there are many other cultures, we have to find them’.

Mysterious visitor

Lope, 58, explains the extraterrestrial origin of an object called Omuvamua (“Explorer” in Hawaii) Extraterrestrial: The first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth (Alien: The first sign of intelligent life beyond Earth).
In October 2017, astronomers observed an object moving so fast that it could only have come from another star, which would be the first recorded galaxy penetration.

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