This is official! Fall Guys will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer

This is official!  Fall Guys will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this summer

During the most recent Nintendo event, many new features came out that made the Nintendo Switch fans very excited. One, last year’s Fall Guys: The official confirmation that the Ultimate Knockout event will be coming to the hybrid console in a few months.

After its release on Steam in August last year, Fall Guys was an instant event, amassing more than 7 million downloads in its first month. The second milestone came when it was introduced on the PlayStation, which became the most downloaded game in the history of the PlayStation Plus.

Now, everything indicates the presence of Nintendo Switch players, who will click the “Buy” button as soon as the game is officially launched.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout manages to beat all the numbers on the Nintendo Switch

It is clear that it is not possible to predict the future, but if we consider all the facts, Fall Guys will come on the Nintendo Switch and it will not take long to beat all their sales records.

This is the perfect game for the design provided by the Nintendo system. Except for playing On the way, The switch also offers the opportunity to play like a traditional console. With basic controls and excellent versatility, Fall Guy has everything to grow its player base exponentially.

Fall Guys is a Battle Royale game in which players compete for “survival” in a variety of challenges. One of the factors that makes this game a great success is the short duration of each session and there is no need to have too much time to do some games.

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