This is the new table

This is the new table

On Monday evening, the US company not only released a comprehensive update for the new iPhones (iOS 14.3), But also for older iPhone models (iOS 12.5). This new firmware contains it all. Because Apple Thus its expression expands the notification network. This is for communication tracking across the board Corona-App of the Robert-Koch-Institutes Central to the background of corona infection. In other words: iOS 12.5 makes this possible Corona-warning-application Install on more iPhones than ever before – at least in theory.

Corona application on older iPhones – so it continues now

Because in practice it seems that the warning application is not compatible with iOS 12.5. Who came from the Germans Telecom The smartphone app, jointly developed by SAP, requires at least iOS 13.6 so far. So what to do Answer: Wait and see. Because according to Telecom, programmers are now being asked to use the newly created possibilities. That’s when Corona-App Can actually be used on older iPhones as well.

Do you still have an old iPhone model like this? IPhone 5S Or that IPhone 6 You can only use the Corona Alert app in the coming weeks. “Deutsche Telecom and SAP have been in contact with Apple to ensure that the German government’s Corona Alert application is available for these models in the future,” a Deutsche Telecom spokesman told Digital. “It is possible to upgrade the Corona Alert app to iOS 12.5, but the effort is worthwhile,” the spokesman continued. They are working with Apple on the necessary changes.

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It is unclear how long it will take for these changes to take effect in practice. In this regard, a telecom spokesperson said that the Corona app could not be “currently rated” when downloaded to the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. They want to update the public as soon as possible with new details.

EU provides new application with corona information

Independent of the federal government’s corona application, the new free app from the EU will also be available from Monday: re-Open European union. Here is the most important information about EU member states Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and COVID-19 Switzerland Find out. Although public life is closed in most parts of the EU, anyone who has to travel across the borders of Europe gets current information in use. Example about health status, isolated activities, testing requirements and local corona applications.

The app can be used on iPhones and iPods (at least iOS 12) and Android devices (at least Android 5.1). It completes the site available from June “EU reopens” According to the European Commission, it has had nearly eight million viewers since its inception.

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