Do you know an Android device? Lets you play old-school Game Boy games? This is one of the reasons Android is a unique platform. It’s super cool to install an emulator app that makes Pokemon Blue available 24/7. Now, new emulators have appeared online that want to unlock Nintendo Switch gaming features on your Android device, but it’s a good idea to take a look before you leap forward.

The emulator is definitely incredibly shady, and it’s made with code stolen from the PC Switch emulator. Yuzu. This code is licensed under GPLv2, but this app remains private source.

In addition to violating the open source license, the emulator requires users to create an account and log in before using it, which is different from all Android emulators I have used. Despite the website claiming that the US studio is behind the emulator, the application itself is full of Chinese texts and inaccurate English translations.

Currently, the emulator works with certain controllers that are currently not even available to the general public, and preorders start at $100. The emulator’s controller DRM is Depth protection Run-time encryption, custom class loaders, and other measures to make sure your app cannot be used alone. All very bizarre and I wouldn’t get close if I were you. Nonetheless, there is evidence that it really works for at least some games. May be suspicious, but Switch can run Android. And your android is (A little) Run Switch now.