Just weeks before Christmas, Aldi is tapping another great 4K TV at a good price. The Median Life X16596 is significantly cheaper than other TVs of this size. Giga has the details for you.

Aldi sells 65-inch TVs for only 474.33 euros

65 inch TV for under 500 euros? The offer starts at the online store Aldi on Thursday. There you will find a huge TV with 4K resolution and a chic design 474.33 euros only Buy – including shipping costs. Unlike other distributors, there are no additional costs for shipping above. Aldi has been cutting China TVs since Shiomi, and is tapping into a real mega deal just before Christmas.

Competing televisions are significantly more expensive. These are about 600 euros. Currently you are getting one 65-inch TV with 50 euro discount on Amazon., Thus you will land at 550 euros. The Median Life B16502, which sells for 506.84 euros on Amazon, will be even more interesting. But there you can run a 70 euro voucher so you can Finishes at an amazing 436.84 euros. The two median TVs are very similar, so you can save even more there. The voucher is valid until December 31, 2020 – but can be sold faster at the offer price.

The most important differences you need to know are:

Who benefits from buying an Aldi TV?

For everyone who wants a great TV at a very affordable price. A 65-inch TV with 4K resolution for less than 500 euros is very cheap. No other manufacturer can keep up – Xiaomi is not even with its Mi-TV, It costs about 600 euros. Aldi TV provides everything you need. With Triple Tuner you can get it all, and you have WiFi and smart TV functionality for Netflix and Co. You have to make small compromises regarding the quality of the film. Otherwise you will get a lot of TVs for very little money. We expect the offer to be sold out very soon. So hit it fast if you want.

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