Three missions will attempt to find out if there was life on Mars

Three missions will attempt to find out if there was life on Mars

Over the next few days three unmanned space missions will travel to Mars to find out if there has been life on this planet. The first is scheduled to enter orbit on Tuesday; On the 18th, it will be the turn of the largest mission sent to the Red Planet.

The first ship was sent to the United Arab Emirates. Named “Amal” (“Hope”, Arabic), this Arab country’s first ship to Mars was built in collaboration with American universities. The second mission, placed in orbit by NASA in North America, is called “Perseverance” and will explore an ancient lake with the aim of finding traces of creatures. The third ship was sent by China, which is called “Tianwen-1” or “Seek Heavenly Truth”. It will be paired in orbit until May.

All three spacecraft were launched last July, occurring only every two years during the Earth-Mars launch window. For that reason, the respective visits will be closer.

China wants to be the second country in the history of landing on Mars

The “Amal” spacecraft is expected to enter Mars orbit at 15.57 hours from Portugal’s mainland. Designed to mark the 50th anniversary of the United Arab Emirates, it is expected to cover 22,000 km to 44,000 km – especially at high altitude, with the aim of monitoring Mars’ weather.

For its part, the American rover “Perseverance” will immediately dive into Mars soil, as it already did in 2012 with ‘Curiosity’. So far NASA has hit eight of nine landing attempts on Mars, the only country in 70 years of space exploration to successfully land a mobile vehicle on the icy surface of the Red Planet.

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The purpose of diligence is to look for signs of ancestral micro-life. Bringing models of Mars to Earth over the next decade is the first phase of the US-Europe alliance.

The purpose of this mission is to reach the delta of an old river, as it seems to be a logical place for a life of refuge. The zone for landing in the Xero gorge is so difficult that NASA has already rejected it during the “Curiosity” period. Whatever the outcome, the approach to the surface of Mars will be filmed, which NASA calls “seven-minute terrorism.”

“Tianwen-1” is designed to find traces of ancient life. However, this mission has another charm: if successful, it will make China the second country to successfully land a ship on Mars.

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