‘To deal with the epidemic, an alliance is needed ??’ Says Natura & Co. – Epoch Negesios

'To deal with the epidemic, an alliance is needed ??'  Says Natura & Co. - Epoch Negesios

Roberto Marx, CEO of Nature & Co (Photo: Disclosure)

CEO Natural & Co, Roberto Marx does not believe that the answers to the context of dissatisfaction and frustration over the delay in vaccinating the Brazilian people and the economic situation of the country lie in the accusation of President Jair Bolzano. On the contrary, he defends a coalition movement. “At a time when humanity is facing both epidemic and environmental crisis, there is not much room for competition or political agenda. There must be an alliance, everyone is playing in the same direction,” the executive said in an exclusive interview with Estado / Broadcast about his participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos. The year takes place in virtual form.

Although the country’s financial deficit is worrisome, it is favorable for the continuation of emergency aid until the pace of immunity allows the economy to restart in a natural way. As for mobilizing the private sector in purchasing vaccines, the executive says the company will remain open as long as the priorities of the Integrated Health Organization (SUS) are respected. Read the main parts of the interview below:

In the Davos forum, you mentioned the importance of joint action by companies and governments in support of the green economy. What is your analysis of the situation in Brazil?

We notice a change that has begun since the United States entered into the Paris Agreement and the US government has already put forward a more aggressive agenda. This is very positive. Similarly, Europe already has a very strong agenda and is very much in line with environmental goals. By 2060 China will automatically enter and set a zero carbon emissions target. We welcome governments, and I think Latin America should be more relevant to these agendas than Brazil.

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Mr. Companies have noted the importance of adopting environmental metrics with the same weight of financial metrics. What would it be like?

We consider and wish that companies’ quarterly results, whether they incur losses or not, should be in line with the environmental agenda. Companies must report their progress to the carbon index. Governments should do the same homework. I think if we can work with science-based goals, clear tools, common goals and indicators, transparency and motivation mechanisms and clear responsibility, we can create and achieve the goals we need as a community, government and private initiative. .

Brazil entered the second wave of Covit-19. What action does the private sector expect from public sector officials to deal with this new chapter of the crisis?

The Brazilian government had important relief efforts during the critical period. I think the crisis will last longer than everyone thought. Therefore, it is important for governments to continue to understand and act on demands and needs. For example, the US government is already considering another aid package. Europe has already discussed this. This is because the world has seen mutations in the virus and things that have brought about the great challenge of control. Another feature is the vaccine. Brazil has a history of successful vaccination, a model public organization. Brazil is an example in this regard because it has always been. We have an opportunity to really exercise this profession with an integrated health system of effective vaccination. It is important to know what the private sector can do to help the government in this sense, but within that lies the role of the government.

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A new round of emergency assistance is under discussion. Given the current state of Brazilian public debt, what is your opinion on the extent of the benefit?

The first concern is to keep the economy and emergency aid as an important matter, especially until life and the economy reach the level of immunity to a very normal resumption. Concerns about shortages and debt are very pertinent. This is not an easy equation globally or in Brazil. What we have noticed in the world is that maintaining certain types of income and economic activities is a priority. The hypothesis is that if this does not happen, the effect will be more perverse in the long run on the economy and government accounts.

How to evaluate the possibility of purchasing vaccines from the private sector? Does Nature participate in these discussions?

Our position is very simple. We must respect the priorities that come from the health system for vaccination. That is, respect those who need the vaccine first according to age or health conditions. We should not discriminate in income. This is very important. (About) Participation in private initiative, we will remain open until this is respected. We do not want to buy vaccines to give priority to Natura staff.

There is high dissatisfaction in Brazil with the government’s effectiveness in epidemics, the delay in vaccinations, and the world advancing on immunizations. Mr. What about the possibility of an indictment of President Jair Bolsanaro?

This level of dissatisfaction and frustration is happening in many parts of the world, not just in Brazil. The UK is going through a very difficult time and Germany has imposed strict restrictions. This frustration associated with vaccines and their distribution methods is no exception in Brazil, and the world is learning to cope with this distribution. That common sense should be present in all public contexts, but with an agenda of how we are going to solve it. At a time when humanity is facing both epidemic and environmental crisis, there is not much room for a competitive agenda or a political agenda. There has to be an alliance, everyone is playing in the same direction. For these issues that endanger humanity, we must not have a competitive lens, a corporate side or a political agenda.

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Isn’t accusation a good solution?

I do not want to be on the policy agenda. Brazil is not the only country dealing with this climate of discontent. The way to approach it is to seek a solution in a collective and multilateral way, not with conflicting rivalries or political agendas. S. Palo State.

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