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lançamentos para o PS5

At CES this Monday (11th) we were able to check out some of the release dates for the important games for the PlayStation 5, although some titles are coming out for the PlayStation 4 as well.

Sony was able to provide an interesting insight into the future of the PS5 for 2021

In some cases such as Ghostwire: Tokyo, We do not have an Xbox series release date, for example. The new son of the creator of this game Resident Evil is now the first person sight in Tokyo hunted by horrible creatures.

But the most interesting thing about this game is that it was owned by Microsoft after the multi-billion dollar acquisition of Bethesda. However, Cotswire follows the exclusive exclusive on the PlayStation 5 and respects the deal (Unlike Capcom’s honorable agreement to behead poor Migami).

Ratchet & Clang: Except for the split The series adds to the formula, the ability to load displays with completely different properties than the previous one, thanks to the bandwidth power of the existing SSD in the new generation consoles.

Together with The Medium (Xbox Series) developed this technique to contribute to the game and the final game.

Harrison Forbidden West, A title that has been around for a long time, does not want to lose its base installed on the PlayStation 4, and was later released for this console and the PlayStation 5, slightly contrary to what Sony says “believes in generations” – no CrossGen titles are unusual in recent generations.

Housemark is moving towards the full development of a cinematic game that will bring joy to owners of Sony platforms, abandoning the framework of arcade-based games such as Resocon.

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Only this time, Will return The game is promised for the PlayStation 5 and will come in a few months.

Kena: Spirits Bridge It seems to have come from the inevitable crop of games affected by the Breath of the Wild, which now bears fruit. At the same time, Kena brings a quality light that you rarely expect.

Fortunately, those who do not want to pay nearly 5,000 rai on Sony’s new console can be part of Sony’s Studio Ember Lab’s plan to produce the game. PS4 and PC users will not exit.

Little Devil Insight Definitely offers the least unusual and inspiring feedback. Even though it has been embroiled in controversy with the community since it presented enemies in a game that stigmatized the species. Anyway, the game will be on all active platforms at this time, including the new ones.

Those who do not have the exact day announced should be in the final stages of development or be subject to delays because the wave of epidemics dictates the course of all things so far dictated.

Maybe that’s the disappointment Prakmata, Capcom’s new IP has postponed its release to 2023, originally announced for 2022. 2023 is the year when things should be warmer and more advanced in our new generation.

Already Project game (Non-final name), promised for next year. This is a new IP title for Square Enix, Exclusive to PS5 It is reminiscent of what modern Final Fantasy brings, however, with the freedoms that make the visual area at least as enjoyable as possible.

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