Tom and Jerry’s premiere hit in Sao Paulo cinemas – 02/18/2021 – Cinema

Tom and Jerry's premiere hit in Sao Paulo cinemas - 02/18/2021 - Cinema

Last week, in the preview, “Tom & Jerry – The Movie” became the most watched movie in theaters in Brazil. “Wonder Woman 1984”, Was on stage for six weeks. The data comes from the international media analysis firm ComScore.

Now, the animated film about the enemy cat and mouse duo, which mixes real scenes and real life actors, joins the premiere circuit. Two new plays have been added, “Berlin Alexanderplatz“About a refugee in Germany, and“ ninth – I burn them if I get wet ”, which goes with a woman who deports herself after committing a crime.

If you decide to go to the cinema, always remember to wear a mask, wash your hands, maintain social distance and respect other safety protocols.

See below for pictures screened in Sao Paulo.


Monster hunter
Germany, China, USA and Japan, 2020. Movement: Paul W.S. Anderson. With: Milla Jovovic, Megan Goo and Nanda Costa. 14 years
Based on the video game of the same name, the film stars Brazilian actress Nanda Costa. The story follows Lieutenant Artemis and his soldiers as they are sent into a new world. In this place, they fight in search of survival against giant humans with supernatural powers.
Rooms and tables.

The world of glory
France, 2019. Direction: Robert Gudiguan. With: Ariane Ascarid, Jean-Pierre Doroussin and Gerard Mylan. 16 years
Mathilda’s life could not be more chaotic when her daughter was born: her husband, who is a driver, has problems with taxi drivers, his father has just gotten out of jail, and he has financial problems. To help with family problems, his brother has the idea of ​​starting a new business.
Rooms and tables.

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Alexander Platz of Berlin
Germany, Netherlands, 2019. Movement: Burhan Qurbani. With: Velket Punk, Jella Haas and Albrecht Sooch. 16 years
Once rescued on the southern coast of Europe, Francis swears to God that he will be a better man. Living in Berlin, he realizes the difficulty of being an illegal immigrant and falls for the lust of a German who promises to give him a job in the underworld of the German capital with the promise of easy money. The film premiered at the 44th Mostra de Cinema.
Rooms and tables.
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Nona – If they make me wet, I burn them
Chile, 2019. Direction: Camila Jose Donozo. With: Josephine Ramirez, Gigi Reyes and Paula Dinamarca. 12 years.
To avenge her ex-boyfriend, Nona commits a crime and has to escape arrest. After settling in a seaside town in Chile, a fire forces a neighbor to leave their homes – but, for some reason, the only house that is not affected by the tragedy is Nona’s house.
Rooms and tables.

Tom & Jerry – The Movie
Germany, USA, France and the United Kingdom, 2021. Movement: Tim Story. With: Close Grace Morates, Michael Pena and Rob Delaney. Free
The film mixes the classic characters of animation with real scenes and real life actors. In the story, children and adults discover how the cartoon contestants met and why Tom and Jerry became arch-enemies fighting like a cat and mouse.
Rooms and tables.

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