Tonight, 40 years ago, Monday night football broke the news of John Lennon’s murder

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The world has changed dramatically in the last 40 years. (Hell, this has changed dramatically in the last four years. In the last four months.)

On the evening of December 8, 1980, some vehicles quickly spread the word, other than word of mouth on wall-mounted phones. That night, Mark David Chapman shot John Lennon outside Lennon’s New York City apartment building.

This announcement is in honor of Howard Kozell Monday night football. Here’s a great look behind the scenes In the decision-making process, Gocel broke the news.

“Remember, it’s a game of football, no matter who wins or loses,” Kozell said that night. “Unspeakable tragedy, ABC News in New York City confirmed to us. John Lennon, the most famous, perhaps, of all the Beatles, was shot twice in the back outside his apartment building on the west side of New York City, Roosevelt rushed to the hospital, died ?? It’s hard to go back to the game after that message flash is over, it’s obligatory, we have to pick it up. ”

With three seconds left in the game, the Patriots and Dolphins were tied at 13 years old. New England footballer John Smith took to the field to prepare for a game-winning field-goal attempt, providing the backdrop for Kozulin’s story. Miami blocked Smith’s kick, and the Dolphins won the first-place field goal 16-13 in overtime.

“The press was talking about two things [after the game], ”Smith told in 2010,“ We ​​lost the game, we had a lead in the fourth quarter, and then it became John Lennon. It puts things in perspective. “

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It puts things in perspective for the millions who knew about Lennon’s murder while watching the game. This provoked shock and despair for several days across the country and beyond.

The Beatles became a global phenomenon in the early 1960s, a prosperous, wonderful and fascinating quartet that revolutionized popular music. It is strange to think that this would be news to some who read these words.

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