Tony Hsih used to ask a really weird question in Sabos, and this is sure to be remembered

Tony Hsih used to ask a really weird question in Sabos, and this is sure to be remembered

I did not get out of bed on Saturday after seeing that news Tony HC, The Former CEO and driving force Behind Japos, Died.

I had two immediate thoughts:

First, the tragedy. HC was only 46 years old, and it was very young.

Second, dizziness, as a word stuck in my head, made me realize that it was always neurologically related to his name.

This is an excerpt from a question Hsih asked during a job interview in Jabos: “From 1 to 10, how different are you?”

He explained his rationale a decade ago. “If you were a 1, you might have bothered us a little bit,” Hsi said Adam Grant. “If you’re 10 years old, you might be too psychotic for us. It’s not so much the number; it’s how the candidates respond to a question.”

Hsienne had a lot of influence over aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders, especially one who was taken at a very young age. When I went about my day on Saturday, he was constantly coming.

I took my daughter to the playground and talked to a 40-something dad. Our conversation turned to Hsih, and this other dad reminded me that Sabos had a policy that offered $ 1,000 to new employees to leave.

It’s about finding relevance and culture and happiness: that is, if you want to take $ 1,000 to leave a new job, doing so is good for everyone involved.

Nearly 1 million people read this and many of them wrote to me about it. It is gratifying to have contributed a few small things to his memory and to have highlighted those traditions.

But still, I like to catch the “weird”.

Hsih is roughly my contemporaries – again, part of why his death at 46 struck me so hard. When we were growing up, “different” was not really a compliment. Is a G-rated version of the insults used by quality school intimidation on children they abused.

Hsi is not alone in reclaiming the “wonder”, but it’s really part of the culture he’s trying to create in Sapos.

It was right there in the company Core values: “Key Value # 3: Have fun and make a small difference.”

When Amazon bought Japos in 2010, Amazon assured employees that it “wants to build Japos culture in our own unique way” and added: “The way to say ‘fun and a little different’ is ‘unique’. ‘:) “”

But “weird” is still the word. His friend, investor Chris Sakka, paid tribute to him on Saturday: “Pretty weird. “

It will be covered How other friends and fans remembered him: “Strange” and “man of contradictions” – a millionaire who built and lived in a trailer park in Las Vegas, and kept a pet albaca, sometimes wearing a “sky-high mohawk”.

There are some awkward contradictions in that observation, because Hsih was very interested in what he called the “science of happiness” and actually called his best-selling 2010 book, Providing happiness.

Obviously, this is an issue for many entrepreneurs, especially the most successful.

It’s hard to find the weird, satisfying thing that guides you to see the world the other way around and see the possibilities.

Many entrepreneurs will not trade this, but there is a cost. So, whatever you embrace makes you a little different and you look for it in others as well. We hope you use this to build something and leave a tradition behind.

Someone said that one would die three times: when their body stopped working, when they were buried, and finally when someone said their name.

I thought about it on the day of the death of a good friend. I thought about it when I realized two middle-aged comrades who had never met Hezey were sitting in a park in New Jersey on Saturday, talking about part of his legacy.

So here’s to following the “pretty weird” CEO Tony Hsih and the best parts of what he left behind.

And remember: Tony Hsih, Tony Hsih, Tony Hsih.

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