Torrent County COVID-19 cases first 75,000; Record 1,525 cases were added Monday – NBC5 Dallas-Fort Worth

5 Deaths, 422 New Cases of the Coronavirus Reported in Tarrant County – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

The Torrent County Public Health Department on Monday confirmed 1,525 cases of the 2019 novel corona virus with new deaths, bringing the county’s total confirmed and potential virus cases to more than 75,000.

The district health department confirmed Monday that these cases were not part of the appendix – the largest of the new cases reported that have not been part of the current epidemic and reporting setback since the outbreak began.

Of the 1,525 additional cases reported Monday, there are 1,415 confirmed cases and 110 potential cases from the previous day, according to the district health department.

In a statement, the Torrent County Health Department cited the recent cold weather, pushing people into the home, adhering to social distance and not wearing a mask that could be factors in the spike.

“If you wear a mask at home, don’t assume that they are not putting you at risk because they are close family or close friends,” Dr. Beth Kasanoff said.

Dr Casanoff said the number of cases of health care providers due to small community meetings was on the rise and urged people to wear masks even around family and friends.

“We need to assume that everyone around us has it or that we have it and can give it to everyone else,” Kasanoff said.

In August, at the request of the state Department of Health, Torrent County began reporting potential and confirmed cases. Possible events lead to a variety of real-world situations, and cases may be highlighted in the community, otherwise they may go unreported. To date, 67,192 confirmed cases of the virus and 7,969 cases out of a total of 75,161 cases have been reported.

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The county also reported 611 estimated recoveries, bringing the total number of survivors to 57,914. There are currently 16,484 active cases in the county, the highest in any North Texas county.

Of the district cases, 71% of the deaths were over 65, and they accounted for only 10% of the cases. People aged 25 to 44 make up 37% of those with COVID-19.

The Department of Health reports that 566 COVID-19 patients currently occupy hospital beds in the district – which is about 10% effective.

Now the cause of 763 deaths by the virus, Govt-19 is now predicted to be the third leading killer of Torrent County residents behind cancer and heart disease, and is expected to exceed the annual total for stroke later this year.

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