Total War: Warhammer III is declared and goes on the advance line

Total War: Warhammer III is declared and goes on the advance line

Sega Europe announced this Wednesday (03) Total War: Warhammer III Introduced a trailer with an ice war. The game is the result of an alliance between developer Creative Assembly and Games Workshop, the creator of the Warhummer series.

The most popular brand among sports workshop fans Board games with miniatures e Table RPGs. The Total War trilogy takes the world of Warhammer, also known as the board game, into the world of video games. Saga will end with this next game.

Check out the trailer below, which reveals the apocalyptic conflict between demons and sentinels from the human world.

Iconic species World of Warhammer Fantasy Wars Will be in the game. The video game was introduced by Kislev and Kathy. Players will possess at their disposal a variety of famous heroes, giant monsters, flying creatures and magical powers.

The player can try to save the world, where each warrior will have a unique journey Kingdom of Chaos. Each choice will affect the course of the plot of the end of the strategic trilogy Total War: Warhammer.

Our vision for ownership is, from the very beginning, to create an incredible journey that we love so much in this world“Sports director Ian Roxburg said.”Our loyal players guaranteed the victory of the first two games. Such support has allowed us to further elevate our ambitions. We can’t wait to see everyone enjoy our view. “

Total War: Warhammer III There is already a pre-order for PC via Steam and Epic games. The release date has not yet been released, but the game is expected later this year.

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