Trans Visibility Day: 5 products to see on Netflix – GQ

Trans Visibility Day: 5 products to see on Netflix - GQ

The power of audiovisual as a tool for social change is undeniable. Through movies and series, different realities can be understood. Therefore, this Friday (29), we have set up a selection of products available on Netflix, which, in order to celebrate, address transvestite and transsexual everyday life. National Selection Day for transgender people and transvestites.

Marsha b. Johnson’s Death and Life (2017) (Photo: IMDP)

The date marked by the launch of the “Travesty e Respect” campaign has been celebrated since 2004. The program was developed by leaders of the Movement for Sexual Diversity and Gender Identity in Brazil in partnership with the Ministry of Health’s National STD / AIDS Program.

Below are 5 products available on Netflix that explore themes:

Bose (2018)

Created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falsch and Steven Canal, Bose illustrates the LGBTQIA + panorama on the streets of New York, USA, in the 1980s. Thus, the first season of the series explores ballroom culture, and the second season marks the discovery of HIV / AIDS in the mid-90s. Production shows how the Casas project works, in which transvestite and gender women support each other in a network of select families.

Bose (2018) (Photo: IMDb)

Bose (2018) (Photo: IMDb)

Marsha b. Johnson’s Death and Life (2017)

American TV star and legendary New York ghetto Marsha B., known as the “LGBTQA + Rosa Parks of the World”. Along with Sylvia Rivera, she was responsible for founding the Transvestites Action Revolutionaries, the first group of transgender people in the United States.

My Name is Ray (2015)

Ray (Elle Fanning) never identified herself with the gender assigned to her at birth. Thus, he prepares for sexual reconstruction surgery, while his mother Maggie (Naomi Watts) is looking for better ways to deal with this problem. Meanwhile, lesbian Ray’s grandmother Dolly (Susan Sarandon) refuses to accept the resolution and creates a family drama.

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My Name Is Ray (2015) (Photo: IMDb)

My Name Is Ray (2015) (Photo: IMDb)

Lorde-Say (2017)

The 2017 Brazilian documentary “Lorde-Say”, directed by Lycia Barbosa and Elian Broom, depicts the life of Brazilian cartoonist Lorde Codinho. After revealing the male gender for almost 60 years, the cartoonist accepted himself as a trans woman. Lord, one of the most recognized artists in Brazil, has three children and has been married three times.

Lorde-Say (2017) (Photo: IMDP)

Lorde-Say (2017) (Photo: IMDP)

Girl (2018)

The Belgian film, directed by Lucas Thond, tells the story of Laura, a 15-year-old trance girl who studies at Belgium’s prestigious dance academy. Tight training and the rigor of the classes complicate the young woman’s desire to undergo sexual restorative surgery. Festival de Cannes 2018 featured a parallel exhibition called “The Girl”. At the festival, he was presented with a camera d’Or, as well as a choir palm.

Girl (2018) (Photo: IMDb)

Girl (2018) (Photo: IMDb)

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