Trevor Lawrence Coronavirus Diagnosis-Timeline, Clemson’s Backup QB, and more

Trevor Lawrence Coronavirus Diagnosis-Timeline, Clemson's Backup QB, and more

Clemson Superstar Quarterback Trevor Lawrence Tested positive for coronavirus and will be missed against Boston College on Saturday. His position in the Notre Dame confrontation next week remains questionable. Here’s what we know so far about Lawrence’s condition. His backup, DJ Uiagalelei; And what this means for Clemson’s College Football Playoff opportunity.

What is Lawrence’s next step?

Lawrence was tested on Wednesday and received positive results on Thursday. He was put into quarantine Thursday after receiving a positive test result as directed by ACC’s medical advisory group. He must be isolated for 10 days after the onset of symptoms. That’s the tricky part. If his symptoms started before Thursday, it’s impossible to know exactly when his 10-day clock starts.

What does this mean for Clemson’s match against Notre Dame on November 7th?

The short answer is: we don’t know. The best scenario for Lawrence’s return is when he starts experiencing symptoms on Tuesday and starts the 10-day quarantine clock so he can potentially play on November 7. But even in this case, the player should not show any symptoms. It is defined as having no respiratory problems or fever without the help of drugs that reduce fever. Lawrence must also pass a series of heart tests in order not to show any symptoms of myocarditis. If he goes through all those obstacles, he will be able to play against Ireland even if there is no practice under his belt in advance.

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Who is the Clemson Backup QB DJ Uiagalelei, What should fans expect of him?

Uiagalelei took first place in the Saturday match against Boston College with Clemson’s expected start, and the Tigers are in good hands. Uiagalelei is ESPN’s 2020 ranking, And domestic No. 1 pocket passerby. He enrolled in Clemson in January and took second place on the depth chart at his fall camp. So far this season, he has completed 12 of 19 passes at 102 yards and has scored two goals on the ground, most of which have been mopping during blowout wins. He missed Clemson’s 73-7 victory over the Georgia ball two weeks ago, but returned against Syracuse last week with shoulder pain. As a senior at St John Bosco High School in Bellflower, California, Uiagalelei was named USA Today National Player of the Year and threw over 10,000 yards in his high school career.

Have Lawrence’s team members ever been affected?

This seems to be good news for Clemson, at least so far. Coach Dabo Swinney said there were no players quarantined under contact tracking protocols due to Lawrence’s infection. It also includes teammates who have been in contact with him at the current Clemson’s most recent match (last Saturday against Syracuse).

Clemson tests players on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. Lawrence was tested negative on Sunday. Based on the ACC guidelines, this essentially concluded the need for contact tracking for the game. (Clemson follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines for contact tracking, which requires a 14-day quarantine period for all players within 6 feet of an infected person at least 15 minutes without a mask.)

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Lawrence practiced with the team this week and was likely to expose other players, but Clemson’s practice regimen specifically limited direct contact in the quarterback position, so it’s likely that Lawrence didn’t exceed that limit and no one was spending more Almost none. Summed up 15 minutes without a mask within 6 feet of him. Lawrence, who routinely wears a mask off the field, doesn’t live with his teammates, so there were no players in contact without practicing.

Clemson will be doing another test on Friday, so more players may test positive because we don’t know exactly how Lawrence got infected with the virus. Nonetheless, several key players are expected to miss Saturday’s game due to injuries, including defensive tackle. Tyler Davis And linebacker James scalsky.

How will the College Football Playoffs Board see Clemson’s defeat without Lawrence?

First, the Tigers (6-0, 5-0 ACC) must beat Boston College without a starting quarterback on Saturday. If they can do that and remain undefeated heading to Notre Dame on November 7th (Clemson’s hardest game of the regular season), they can keep playoffs hopes with and without Lawrence.

If Lawrence is unable to return by that time, the 13-member selection committee will consider how his absence affects the game. The committee will consider whether he didn’t play well when he came back, perhaps because he had too much time in isolation.

According to the CFP protocol, which hasn’t changed since the start of the playoffs, the committee considers “major injuries that could affect a team’s performance during the season” to differentiate “other comparable teams.” While the phrase is specifically related to injuries, CFP Managing Director Bill Hancock said it is more correct to refer to the player “availability” because committee members also know of suspension or disqualification.

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Hancock told ESPN on Thursday night that “the selection committee will continue to consider the availability of players in deliberations, as always.” “There are still a lot of football matches this season, and it’s not appropriate to discuss the hypothetical situation. We want Trevor Lawrence to do its best, like everyone who deals with health situations.”

Clemson’s defeat on November 7th isn’t necessarily “forgiven”, but depending on how the game goes, Clemson will have a second chance to get himself back against Notre Dame in the ACC Championship game. This could present a scenario where the two teams are in the top 4 depending on different Power 5 conference rates.

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