Trevor Lawrence Dealing With Coronavirus: When Can Clemson QB Be Back On The Scene?

Trevor Lawrence Dealing With Coronavirus: When Can Clemson QB Be Back On The Scene?

Trevor Lawrence Won’t play for Clemson When the tiger gets caught Boston College On Saturday.

Lawrence was tested positive for the coronavirus, the team announced. Stop him in a match against the Eagles so the young quarterback can take the reins.

CLEMSON’s Trevor Lawrence test is positive for coronavirus

Clemson directors Dabo Swinney and Lawrence made a statement about the positive test.

In a statement, Swinney said, “Trevor has approved us this evening to announce that he has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in quarantine. He’s doing well with mild symptoms, but he can’t play against Boston this week. I’ll definitely miss Trevor, but this is my chance for the other players to take it a step further and I’m happy to compete with a very good BC team on Saturday. Go Tigers.”

Michigan-Michigan state renewal rival every Saturday

Lawrence added: “I tested positive for COVID-19 and while following Clemson’s and ACC’s protocol, my symptoms were relatively mild. The only hurt was I missed the opportunity to play my favorite game with my teammates this weekend. I hate that I can’t be there, but while waiting for a chance I’ll watch out of isolation and pull our friends [to] Join the team again. God bless you!

But how long will Lawrence go out?

Quarterbacks must be quarantined for 10 days. Then it will go straight to match time for the showdown that Clemson expects. Our women.

It is still possible for Lawrence to make the game. ACC doesn’t have the same test-out options the SEC did with Alabama manager Nick Savan.

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Lawrence’s first day of repair was Wednesday. ESPN Explained. It is counted as the first day of the 10-day period. Rumors of his positive tests did not flow until Thursday night. ESPN reported that Lawrence could start experiencing symptoms earlier, increasing the date of eligibility.

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Heisman’s leader has been Clemson’s main player since he stepped into Kelly Bryant in 2018. He scored 1,833 pass yards, 17 touchdown passes, 2 interceptions, and 8 sacks this season. Clemson is 6-0.

The Tigers have only lost once since Lawrence took over as Clemson’s quarterback in the mid-season of freshmen. He led the team to the national championships during the 2017 season. It culminated in Alabama’s 44-16 defeat for the title.

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